Louis babysitter (Larry Underage.)

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louis’ babysitter

Harry/Louis, 5000 words

Warnings: Underage (15/19 age gap), rough sex stuff (crying and pain and getting tied up)

A/N: Sorry for the almost fluffy bits. The heart wants what it wants.

Fill for this prompt: 

could u please write a fic where louis’ 15 or 16 or so and openly gay and everytime his mom leaves him home alone he always finds some way to get a different guy in each time to fuck him and his mom has caught him a few times and she explicitly tells him not to have any guys over anymore and he disobeys so she hires a babysitter for him which is harry who’s 19 and is a family friend and louis feels really dumb at first but doesn’t mind so much when in the end he ends up getting fucked by harry:)

“This is fucking ridiculous,” Louis mumbles from the couch, earning him a smack to the head.

“Watch your language, young man,” his mum says coldly. “When I get home tomorrow, we’re going to have a nice, long chat about this attitude of yours.”

Louis just shrugs because he firmly believes that anything wrong with him is his mum’s fault. She raised him after all. It’s her fault he curses and it’s her fault he likes having boys over for a little fun while she’s out of town. She made him.

“Fine, whatever,” he sighs.

He’s grumpy and angry and now is not the time to have a serious talk because his fuckingbabysitter is due any minute and Louis could cry it’s so humiliating. He’s 15 and his mum has insisted on getting him a babysitter. It’s the lowest of the lows.

He doesn’t get what the big deal is anyway. So, he invites boys over. So, he lets them fuck him. It’s not like he’s the only guy his age having sex and he always uses protection, so he doesn’t understand why his mum is so upset about it. I mean, sure, he wishes she hadn’t caught him in the act because that was a little uncomfortable, but if she could learn to fucking knock, everything would be just fine.

“Harry’s been told about your problem, so don’t try sneaking one past him,” his mum says, gathering up her keys and purse. “His mum is a good friend of mine and if you embarrass me, there will be severe consequences.”

Louis rolls his eyes, still sulking on the couch. Yeah, yeah, protect the family reputation. Whatever.

Just then, the doorbell rings and Louis’ mum gives him a hard look before going to answer it. And the man standing at the door is so not what Louis was expecting. This guy is fit. Really, really fit. And he looks… nice. Which Louis was not expecting at all.

“Harry! Lovely to see you!” Louis’ mum exclaims and Louis rolls his eyes again because she sure can be fake when she wants to be. “My goodness, you’re growing into quite the strapping young man, aren’t you?”

Harry smiles shyly and Louis eyes him hungrily from his spot on the couch. Strapping indeed.

“Come on in,” his mum says, ushering Harry inside. “Oh, thank you so much for doing this. I really do appreciate it. Louis’ just… Well, he’s going through a phase and he needs a little discipline, so don’t be afraid to be tough with him.”

Louis doesn’t appreciate being spoken about as if he’s not even there, but he has to laugh a little at his mum’s words. Harry looks like the type of person who would feel bad about accidentally stepping on an ant. He can’t imagine him being tough.