Chapter 1: Before

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"Now today we have a very special guest. Her big debut was 5 years ago with her best selling book 'Whispers Between the Masses' that then became a movie, She now has successfully worked on 7 TV shows including the world wide favorite 'Allure of No Sentiment' and has won 9 Awards for on screen dialogue and story line. She is here today announcing her newest project 'Skaikru Salvation" just as 'Allure of No Sentiment" has come to an end... Please join me in welcoming a woman after my own heart. 24 year old Lexa Woods"

The cheering was loud, something to this day I still wasn't used to. I walked out from behind the stage humbly bowing my head and clapping to the audience. Putting on my biggest fake smile.. 'i didn't become a writer for this' were the words that kept replaying in my head. I reached my seat and lifted my microphone from its spot on the table.
"Hello everyone!" I said enthusiastically.
I shook hands with jimmy kimmel.
"Now Lexa.. Let's get right to it.. This isn't your first interview with me but I didn't really get to ask this the last time you were here.. How does it feel being one of the youngest writers to ever get this successful. I mean you were 19 and already owned the rights to a book and movie" he said animatedly..
I really hated this question.
"I mean.. Of course it was surreal, fresh out of high school I didn't think my book about that little story in the back of my head would get so much attention" yeah sure.. 'Story'
"I mean.. It was quite the story.. Please explain in case anyone has been living under a rock"
He said while pointing towards the audience.
I Chuckled softly. This is what I hated most.

"Well.. Whispers between the masses is just a smart way of saying 'lesbian sex' , oh shit I can say that right" I said looking at jimmy for approval.
He threw his head back in laughter.
"Do you know what show you're on" he said and that caused a genuine smile to escape me.
"Right.. So the book is about a girl..Alex Raised in a poor household, both parents gone. Only a brother and sister who she distances her self from. She's had no real connection with anyone in life because she doesn't let anyone get close.. She meets a runaway. Celia .A girl who just wants to escape. And it confused her. Because for the first time she wants understand why someone with a seemingly good life would want to escape.. She's confused because this girl had money, and both her parents, things she's never had. She finds out that Celia was struggling with her sexuality. Something she's never really thought about. Long story short. They fall in love, alex seems to be better at personal relationships, both with her family and some of Celia's friends.. That is until costia-"
I freeze. My eyes drift from the exit sign above the audience to my managers confused face.
I shake it off.. Quickly regaining the feel of the story.
"Sorry Celia.. She .. Uh she kills herself, Alex was so caught up in her new found glory and happiness that she didn't realize sexuality wasn't the only girls problem. Celia had been living with chronic depression. She spent so much time chasing her own happiness she never realized Celia still didn't have hers. She assumed love cures all.. But it doesn't.. The story doesn't have a happy ending. It ends mid sentence. I left it up to interpretation.
I'd say it's a good read" I laughed softly.. The smile not reaching my eyes.. I fucked Up.
"One of my favorite books if I may add" jimmy smiled and let the audience know they were all leaving with the re-vamped copy after the 5 year anniversary.

"Now about 'Skaikru Salvation'" he said after the audience calmed down.
Finally something I actually want to talk about.
"Well. It's set in the future.. Definitely new grounds for me. It's about a world separated.. The rich live in the sky and the poor live on the ground.. But they face a problem.. The poor, grounders, ran out of recourses a long time ago and have Turned into savages. One of the main reasons the the people or as the people on the ground call them 'skaikru' are afraid to return to the ground. But the Skaikru are beginning to run out of resources. Either they die in the sky or move to the ground. And risk starting a war. "

Everyone in the audience seemed captured.. After all this is the first time I'm speaking of the story line.
"It'll be Better than it sounds " I said more to myself than to the audience after realizing that was incredibly vague.. Truth is I haven't even started on the script.

"No it sounds amazing. Now.. Something ik sure you're tired of answering, since the answer is always no. But I figured I'd ask.. Will there be sexuality exploration in this show.. You haven't touched that subject since the movie" he said with wary eyes..
This was one of the questions he wasn't allowed to ask but.. Hey why not.
"I'm thinking about it" I said with a sly smile.. And ladies in the audience started whistling and cheering.

"Ladies and gentlemen THE Lexa Woods"
Then the camera panned out.

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