Niall's Girl - Prologue

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My name is Emma Charleston. Yes, like the dance. And this is the story of how I was transformed into a normal, un-famous but obsessive fangirl to... Well, not so much of a un-famous fangirl.

When it all started, I was seventeen, currently in year thirteen of school which is the second and last year of English sixth form. I'm nothing particularly special - my hair is brown and my eyes are bluey-green. I'm five foot six, not too tall and not too short.

To be frank, I hated sixth form. I wasn't unpopular, but I wasn't popular either. Boys didn't take notice of me, but I didn't really give a shit. The only boys I was interested in, were the five boys of the biggest, sexiest, most awesome boyband in the world. Or, more commonly know as, One Direction.

I had always been a Niall girl. I was a Niall girl before he had perfect teeth and a blonde quiff, before all those girls decided he was hot enough to be their favourite and suddenly everyone noticed him. All you fangirls will know that you don't choose your favourite. It just happens, like in one moment he's just a boy on the screen and in the next instant he's all you think about. I don't know what it was about Niall that drew me to him. Maybe it was the hot Irish accent. Maybe it was the dazzling blue eyes. Maybe it was his sense of humour, how he laughed at everything and just his smile could light up a room. Most likely it was all of these things and put together, they made the most perfect boy.

I was part of the fandom on twitter since the stone ages - the early carrot days of calling pigeons Kevin and even before Larry Stylinson existed. At the beginning of that life-changing school year, I had a couple of hundred followers, not enough to allow my interactions to move every hour, but enough to get a significant amount of retweets. I was happy, content. Just for one thing, I didn't have a Niall follow.

Unknowing to me, that was all soon to change.


Okay so this prologue sucked, I know. But I promise you the first few chapters are so much better! :D

-Laura xo

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