Chapter 5

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Laurens POV
Camila woke up in my car, I was already driving to the motel. She groaned holding her head. "What time is it?" She asked.

"It's, two." I parked my car seeing the sun shine on the grass. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"I woke up a few minutes ago." I lied, all night I kept looking at her, and I lost track of time.

We got out my car. I had to help Camila in our room. "Okay, get your clothes so I can take you home." I told her, she turned to me, "No, you can't. My parents are so strict right now. They will kill me if they find out I'm hungover." She told me. I felt bad.

"Okay, but my family and I are going to met up with someone." I told her, we needed to get Kendall back, for Brad. And all of us, we all miss her.

"Great, I love rode trips." Camila said but frowned holding her head. "Can you get me an aspirin?" I smiled going in the restroom in search for what she needs.
After an hour, once Camila took a small nap with me, well I just held her watching the static on the TV we got up.

"We need to be on the rode." I told her walking to the room next to us where everyone was. "Let's go!" I shouted. Everyone walked out looking at us.

Brad was mostly excited. He was the first one out the door, everyone walked out dispersing to either my car or Normani's car.

Camila sat in the passengers seat in my car, I got the vampires like usual and Normani got all the werewolves.

We started to drive, "How long is it going to take?" Ariana asked irritated.
"Not too long, a few hours I think." I don't know where this man lives. All I know is that he can help us.

Ariana groaned, that's how she is. She's a very irritating person. "Let turn on some music." I said to lighten up the mood.

Dinah's POV
I could be in Lauren's car, I don't even care if I could ride on the roof of her car. But I can't bare listening to Normani, list the reasons why she shouldn't fail science.

At least she's not blaming me for breaking up with her. "Harry can you tell us why you love Louis so much." I don't know where she's going with this.

"Uh yeah...we've been dating for a few years now." He said. "See Dinah, Harry knows how to make Louis feel special." Here we go again.

"Normani, we broke up three years ago, is this what you do to everyone you date feels like?" I asked seeing Normani look at me.

"I don't know, it's only been you, I thought I was doing a good job being with you." Normani's voice got softer.
She's never been in a relationship and she didn't know how to act, that's why she acted like that. I get it now. "You did, it just wasn't for me." I told her, she nodded I think finally realizing that some people aren't really meant to be.

We were friends before we started to date, and we dated for a few months. We acted more like friends. It wasn't her fault, maybe in the future we can start something but I think we both need to grow up.

Lauren's car was in front of us, we were headed to bring Kendall back.

When I was a kid, after my parents died I met Harry. We became friends we found out we were both werewolves. Then Louis came and Brad. All of our parents died from the same family. Brad built this cabin in the woods for us, and we've lived there for years. Then Kendall met Brad, and Brad fell in love with her.

They would spend hours with each other, it was so cute and special to them both. Kendall's parents died, and she was the only child. Brad invited her to live with us, which she did.

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