Chapter 51

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I took a sip from my glass of champagne, it was a couple of days ago since I last saw Toffer and I was a little bit shocked of knowing him married a woman like Maria. Maria is a woman that is out of Toffer's preferences. Maria is so naïve and simple while Toffer wants hot and wild woman!

"What do you think of her?" I asked him and we both looked at the two women who are part of our lives. I saw him narrowed his eyes and observed Hebe thoroughly. After a few seconds, he smiled and looked at me

"She looks at me like her..." he began, I looked at Hebe too "The way she glared at me...It was like Elaine Co, 13 years ago!" natahimik ako dahil sa sagot niya. I can't explain why I feel so comfortable when Hebe is near. I feel so happy when I see her smile... I feel so contented when I look at her eyes...

Is it because I can see Elaine at her?

I almost forgot my limitations when I pushed Hebe to her limit. I was just a man and I have needs. I almost force her to give herself to me, natauhan lang ako when she pushed me and cried while asking me to stop. Halos masuntok ko ang sarili ko dahil sa nagawa, I was out of my mind and I... I just can't control my feelings whenever she is around!

She was sleeping beside me... the priceless feeling I could ever have! Her peaceful sleep makes me feel more secured and contented. "Who are you?" I whispered to her while she was sleeping "...and how did you do this? Making me crazy over you!" I kissed her forehead and began to sleep too.

It was the day when we left Kibok-Kibok... the same day that I received the information that Elise, Elaine step-mom just arrived from hell! It was too furious about her, deciding that Elaine and her dad's remains will be transferred in other place. I know Hebe was so curious. She frequently looked at me and to my expression. I want to tell her everything but... I don't think it is the right time.

I made her promise that she will going to trust me whatever happen to us and I am so happy that she did! Days passed, na settled ko na ang problema ko about the remains of Elaine and her Dad pero akala ko hanggang doon lang yun. Akala ko walang darating na problema...akala ko it was just one...pero may dumating pa pala! Mas malaki! Ma mahirap! Mas devastative!

Trixie came into the picture! I must admit na may kasalanan ako for letting her enter my life but can you blame me of not ignoring her? He offered everything... as in everything when I was shattered into pieces... Trixie tried to fix me, she tried to mold me again, she tried to repair all my broken parts... Trixie was there for me... She loves me and I do feel sorry of not loving her back just the way she did!

Kilala ako ni Trix, she knows everything about me, about Elaine, from the simple details kong bakit ko siya minahal, kung paano siya magsalita, lumakad up to the reasons kung bakit at paano siya nawala sa akin. Si Trixie ang naging hingahan ko, si Trixie ang naging sandalan ko during those times, during those times na hirap na hirap akong kalimutan si Elaine. Lahat nabanggit ko sa kanya, the necklace, the ring including the birthmark. Ganun karami ang alam ni Trixie tungkol sa akin. Ganun karami ang alam niya tungkol sa amin...

Trixie suffers some psychological problem. She happens to end her life two times before because of me... I was so ashamed of what happened. After two years of being together, oo inaamin ko we are like living together... doing same stuffs that married couple do pero ng maramdaman ko na nasasakal na ako sa sobrang pagmamahal niya, I decided to end our relationship, yun ang nagtulak sa kanya to end her life, almost...

Nahiya kong ako sa magulang niya... nahiya ako sa lahat ng taong nakapalibot sa amin... nakakakilala sa amin... sa lahat ng may alam kung paano niya ako mahalin, kung paano niya ako pagsilbihan, kung paano niya ibigay ang lahat sa akin.Trixie is a good person... she is! Wag mo lang gagalitin!

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