“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HA-” I took the pillow I was laying on and threw it at the source of the music. It stopped when I heard a small thud and I chuckled softly. “You know just cause it’s your birthday doesn’t give you the right to throw things at people!”

            I sighed and sat up to see my best friend sitting at the edge of my bed. Her dark black hair was straight, and her blue eyes shone with the happiness that always flooded them, and her tan skin was vibrant. She wore a gray t-shirt that had the word FOX and their logo across the front, a pair of jeans and a pair of black converse. Christie was like a sister to me, and she was my next door neighbor so it was no surprise she was here.

            I gave her a weak smile, “Why don’t you give it a break, really who cares if it’s the freaks birthday?”

            Instantly Christies cheery face was gone, replaced by a frown and a serious kind of look in her eyes. “You. Are. Not. A. Freak.” She hissed.

            I sighed and rolled my eyes, Christie hated it when I called myself a freak. I pushed my legs off the bed and went to my dresser. In the reflection I saw a guy that had pitch black hair, super white hair, and black eyes, in a handful I looked as though I had stepped out of a black and white film, and that was why I was a freak.

            I squatted down and pulled a black t-shirt and pair of jeans out of my drawer. Not caring that Christie was in the room I stripped of my sweats and t-shirt and changed into my outfit. When I turned around I found that Christie had left, probably to go down to grab a bite to eat.

            I followed suit and ran down the steps into the small kitchen, it had a marble counter, white tiles, and black cabinets. It also had a small table pushed into a corner with only two seats. In one was Christie scoffing down a bunch of bacon and pancakes, a similar plate was set at the opposite side, for me.

            I took my seat and slowly ate my breakfast. When I had finished my pancakes and was about to head onto my bacon my plate was grabbed from me. “Hey!” I protested.

            “Well you eat so slow! We’re going to be late, so just take it with you!” Christie snapped back.

            “Fine” I grumbled grabbing my bacon. As we left the house I smiled, “It’s my turn to drive!”

            Instantly Christie’s face went into a pout, “No! You got to yesterday!”

            “Hey I let you drive on your birthday!” I said.  

            Christie crossed her arms but didn’t protest further, getting a smirk from my part. The drive to school was kind of boring, we just fought over music, Christie wanted to listen to Kiss 108, and I said no, even though I don’t mind it, just to get on her nerves.

            As we left the car I saw a figure jogging over to us, it was my best guy friend, Josh. When he was standing next to me we did the man hug as he said, “Hey Zeus, happy birthday dude.”

            Josh had blond hair that was like Justin Bieber hair, light skin, and was very muscular. “Thanks.”

            Christie came around the car with a scowl on her face, she hated Josh. She says, and I quote, ‘there just isn’t something right with him, I don’t know what, but I wouldn’t trust him’.

            “Hey Christie” Josh said nonchantely, he liked to annoy Christie by acting all goody goody around her.

            “Hey butthead” she hissed.

            I laughed and put an arm around her shoulders, “Hey be nice, it’s my birthday.”

            “I wouldn’t be nice to that even if he was holding a gun to my head” Christie snapped back.

            I frowned, but let it go because there was no getting Christie and Josh to get along.

            “Well Miss. We’re going to be late, get your butt in gear or we’ll miss first period” I said smugly.

            Christie smiled and skipped ahead of me, “Well I guess I’ll see you in second period then! Have a happy birthday!”

            I laughed as she danced out of sight and waited for Josh to catch up to me. When he did he asked, “Hey dude, so what you doing for your birthday?”        

            I shrugged, “Dad’s got a surprise for me.”

            “Seriously? It’s your eighteenth birthday and your letting your Dad decide what your doing? Come on man you got to have a party!” Josh said pumping his fist in the air.

            I rolled my eyes, “And who would I invite?”

            I got him there, and I could tell he knew that too. He sighed, “Why don’t you ditch daddy and come hang out with me tonight, I could sneak us some booze.”

            I shook my head, “Na I haven’t been around Dad a lot lately and I don’t thinks it’s a good idea to get drunk and stupid my first day being eighteen.”

            Josh’s face darkened, and he hissed something under his breath that I couldn’t hear. I frowned but shook it off because I made it to my first class just as the bell rang. I went to my seat in the back just as my cell phone vibrated. I quickly took it out of my pocket to find that I had got a text from Christie saying:

Listen to the announcements and after meet me at the restrooms

            I sighed, what was she going to do? I was about to find out as the announcements came up and everyone had to stand to do the pledge of allegiance. We sat for the moment of silence, but it wasn’t silent because over the intercom you heard a stern ‘What are you doing in here?’

            You heard moevement then a moment later over the intercom came a voice that I would know anywhere, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER, ZEUS CAESAR!” Christie yelled over the intercom.

            Instantly every head snapped into my direction, oh perfect.

            Suddenly the teacher appeared next to me, “I think you should go to the office Mr. Caesar. I nodded and quickly got out of the office.

            But when I took a left towards the boys bathrooms instead of a right to the office. What the heck was she thinking? I mean I know the intentions were right, but she would probably get a in school suspension for that.

            I reached the bathroom then, looking around there was no sight of Christie. Crap, what if they got her before she could escape?

            But my doubts were put to rest when Christie came running full speed down the hall, a grin on her face. I shook my head, ‘the bathroom’ she mouthed.

            I nodded and quickly went in. When the door was closed I quickly locked it and turned to face Christie, “Why did you do that? Do you know how much trouble you’ll be in?”

            Christie waved it off and looked at her watch, “In thirty seconds it will be eight o’ five, the exact time you were born and you will truly be eighteen.”

            “Who cares?” I asked, “We’ll be dead the moment we step outside the door-”

            I was cut off when a searing pain shot through me right wrist. I let out a scream of agony and fell to the ground onto my knee’s. Christie was infront of me in a second, “Zeus!” she cried, “Zeus whats wrong?”

            Another wave of pain went through my arm and I let out another cry. Tears were now welling up in Christies eyes. I took my hand away from my wrist to find what looked like a crest burning into my arm, in the shape of a phoenix.

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