Chapter 6

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"Omgomgomgomgomgomg girl, he is soo into you." Bella exaggerates once again as she has been from the past 15 minutes. Into me? Does she hear herself right now?

"Bells please stop. He is just annoying me because I didn't fall for his charm the first time we talked. That's it." I reply groaning.

"That's it? Are you serious Sam. Girls are drooling all over him and he came just to talk to you. He went back after your conversation." She says hands on her hips trying to make her point. She is not gonna give up. Nope. I have to turn this on her or she is going to keep eating my head and torturing me to death. Arggh! But suddenly an idea pops into my brain. This will work for sure!

"Okay Bells. As you say. By the way, Alec commented on your picture, you know the one I posted on my Facebook profile on your birthday." I say and recline back in my seat. I know this is gonna steer the entire direction of the conversation. I see her eyes widen and blush appears on her pretty cheeks. Alec is her long time crush. He is the captain of our school's football team and I have to admit, he is hot. I think he has a thing for Bells too. He always initiates conversations with her, smiles at her, would sometimes even wave just at her when we went to the school's football matches. He doesn't act like a love sick puppy, that's just not his personality. He is quite collected and maybe that's why he is attracted to Bella's enthusiasm. But the bottom line is, that it is quite apparent that he might be liking Bella in the same way she does.

"Really? What did he comment?" she asks, curiosity raging all over her facial expressions and enthusiasm bursting in her voice.

"He said-umm what was it? Oh! I guess I forgot." I shrug and reply in an innocent voice.  She slumps down in her seat knowing what I'm doing. Carly chuckles quietly winking at me.

"Please, am. Tell me what he commented. I promise I won't ever ever pester you about how big of a crush Xavier has on you." She gives me her puppy dog eyes and her all time favorite pouty sad face. She still got Xavier in the conversation though. Crush? Xavier?Me? LOL.

"No Bella. I really don't remember. You can check it once you go home and your internet works." I reply smugly.

"Yeah okay." she mutters dejectedly.

"Guys the break gets over in 5. You don't want anything, do you? " Carly asks. Before I can answer Bella beats me to it.

"No. I have such amazing friends. What more could I want?" she says giving me a pointed look. Haha. She is gonna start with the emotional blackmail now.

"Okay Bells. I'll tell you." I say after moments of laughter. Her eyes light up instantly.

"He wrote 'a beautiful picture with a beautiful girl'. Happy?" I ask.

"Yeah of course!" She says but then swiftly turns off her enthusiasm, "I mean not that it matters that much. I was just eager to know what he commented. It would have been the same for anyone in his place. " She mutters trying to hide her smile and blush. Carly and I burst out laughing.

"Yeah, sure thing Bells." Carly replies still laughing and giving her a we-don't-believe-you-at-all look.

The rest of the day passes by pretty quickly. And surprisingly, I actually enjoy some of my classes today including maths. Two reasons, one- My teacher did a pretty simple chapter today which easily got into my brain and second, over annoyingly stupid people like Xavier were absent for the class. So that was a plus point. But I can't help wondering where he must have been if not in the class. Doesn't matter. He has his group of friends and his female fan followers. He must be with them. I don't care anyways. As if on cue, SpeciallyI see Xavier walking across the hallway towards the school door. He has his three friends with him and two prepped girls. His friends are quite attractive too. Especially the one in red is quite attractive. I think his name is Louis. Yeah definitely good looking. But none of them are as handsome as Xavier. Like Xavier is.. Time to stop girl! Admonishing myself at my idiotic thoughts, I leave for home. 

As I park in the driveway of my two-storey house, I see moving trucks outside the now empty house of Mrs.Gilbert. Time for new neighbors! I  hope they are not some grumpy-frowning people.  I hate such people. With this thought lingering in my head, I enter my house. I make myself a sandwich and check up on mumma. She is sleeping like she has from the past many many months. I walk softly to her. Check all her wire and tube connections and then sit beside her. I stroke her hair, kiss her cheeks and hug her slightly. I miss her so much. She is here but she isn't here. I can see her but can't have her talking to me about random stuff and its killing me. The pain, the loneliness, acting as if everything is fine everyday, its just so hard. But she doesn't need to know all this. I don't want her to stress even slightly because it can cause her damage or lets say more damage. I need to her to revive and I know she will. I just know. She promised she would never ever leave me and I know she doesn't back out on her words. She doesn't break her promises. And the best part is that she loves me and dad and that reason is enough for her to win this hard and agonizingly long battle. I realize I am crying when a tear falls on my hand which is near mumma bear's hand. I bent down, kiss her forehead and whisper a goodbye and a promise to visit again at night.

I fall on my bed with a sigh and sleep for an hour. When I wake I realize that I slept with my school clothes and I decide to change and complete my homework. Time flies and soon it's evening. I hear uncle calling out to me and I immediately run down. I see he has already changed so we both just sit and chat. Dinner is once again delicious as it's cooked by him and my dad joins us with a quite friendly change. Uncle says something and dad laughs. A whole hearted, carefree laugh. I smile just looking at him. I had not seen him laugh since I don't remember how long. It's so good to see him laugh. He catches me staring at him and his eyes flash with an emotion I can't decipher. As if realizing what I'm thinking he pulls me into a hug. I hug him back. It feels so good. After so long he is hugging me. A real hug that is and not just a formal gesture. He kisses my hair and pulls away. We again sit back and enjoy uncle's funny jokes.

As I drape my blanket over my legs, I can't help but smile. Dad is reviving finally. Thank god! Praying things to get better soon, I close my eyes and let myself fall into the dungeons of a deep peaceful sleep.

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