Street Love

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Starr POV

I stared at myself in the mirror. I stood about 5'3, yellow bone, with a fire shape. My hair swung low touching my lower back. Yea I'm black but not all the way. My mom is mixed and my dad is black. Hoes would kill to look like me. I got haters left and right.

I began to get dressed. Me and my best friend King are going to the mall. Yea ima make him buy.

I put on my white fitted shirt, camouflage cargo shorts, and my all white 1's he got me about a week ago. I just put my hair in a messy bun. I walked down stairs and found my mom on the couch with her boyfriend Damon. I can't stand nan one of them. I walked towards the door before she could say anything to me.

"Where the hell you going?!" She yelled. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. They both were staring at me.

"Me and King going to the mall." I mumbled. I get tired of her. Ain't like she care no way.

"Stay gone all day if you can!" She spat out. Damon just laughed. I could kick both of them in the face. I walked out the door and slammed it behind me. I pulled out my phone to call King because he ain't coming fast enough.

King POV

I was cruising through the hood with my bitch Brandy. Music loud, windows down, I'm just chilling. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"Sup witcha." I said turning the music down a bit.

"Where you at mane? We was supposed to leave a long time ago." I heard a whining Starr on the other end. I spoil her butt too much. If you ain't know no better you would think I'm fucking her and not Brandy.

"I'm on my way. Be outside." I said then hung up.

"Who is that?! I hope it ain't that bitch Starr!" Brandy snapped. First off I know she ain't questioning me. Then she call my homegirl out her name.

"Bitch get out!" I said stopping in the middle of the street.

"What?!" She yelled. All I did was unlock the doors.

"Already King! I know what's up now!" She snapped as she got out. I swerved off leaving her right there. I soon pulled up to Starr set and saw her sitting on her porch. She jogged to my Benz truck and hopped in.

"My nigga." She said doing a handshake with me. I'm down with Starr. She remind me of my niggas.

"I swear one day I'm gone beat Damon and my mama up." She said shaking her head. We told each other everything. So I knew about her trifling mama and her sneaky boyfriend. I knew everything about Starr and she knew everything about me. That's just how shit was.

"Naw be easy on them." I said.

"But they testing me King." She said. I laughed. This girl is crazy. A few minutes later we pulled up to the mall. We stepped out looking like Beyonce and Jay Z on this set. Naw better yet we was like Will and Jada. Only difference is we just friends.

Starr POV

We got stared down as we walked into the crowded mall. I mean dang is we that fly!

"Where we going first?" He asked.

"It don't matter to me as long as you buying." I said. He just laughed. I was dead serious. I don't make money like he do. I work every afternoon after school at this fast food place. That's how my mom met Damon because he is the manager. And my mom too lazy to get off her trifling behind and work. But it always slips up that she has enough money to pay for anything. Hmm! Something ain't right. King buy me everything. That's why I wear Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and so on. My friend keeps me on point. But let a nigga try to holler at me. He turn into wolverine on they asses. That's what I like about King. He always there.

"Lets go in the shoe store. We got to have your foot game tight." He said. We walked into a Sports Addition.

"Damn is it the first?! Everybody in this bitch!" He said. I burst out in laughter.

"I like that shoe." I said pointing to a all red retro four Jordan. He walked over and picked it up.

"I got this same shoe." He said bringing it to me.

"Well look like our ass gone be matching." I laughed.

"Yo player! Let me get this in a size 7." He said handing the man who work here the shoe.

"See anything else?" He said turning back to me.

"I see you." I joked. He started laughing.

"Nigga I ain't for sale." He said.

"Good cause won't nobody buy yo weak ass." I laughed. I saw a crew of girls from my school just standing by mugging us. And the leader of the pack was Rhonda Jackson. That bitch can't stand me for some reason. Ion care though. She can eat me out and kiss her mama for all I care.

"Girl you know I'm fly." King said popping his collar. I laughed out. Yea y'all my best friend is sexy. His smooth brown skin with his hazel eyes and deep waves.

"Yea you fly King." I said rolling my eyes. The man brought my shoe back.

"Here you go beautiful. Try this on." He said with a flirty smile. I don't know what he did that for because I just know King is about to get crazy.



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