"OMG Im pregnant with luke hemming's baby!1!!"

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Okay, what the hell. The title of this rant says it all. And yes, I used an Inside Out gif. Sue me.



Like, I honestly don't get it. Just how many of these fanfics are there?! And one trend that I have noticed with these fanfics is that THEY ARE ALWAYS BAND MEMBERS. FUCKING BAND MEMBERS. 1D, 5SOS, you get the idea.

For the love of god, are you really going to end up pregnant with a famous singer's child? And the authors/characters are what, 14-16 year olds? I'm not saying all of teenagers in that age group are writing shit like this but....for Christ's sake PLEASE READ/WRITE SOMETHING NEW

I have nothing to say except:

I have nothing to say except:

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You said it, Darwin. (BTW, absolutely love The Amazing World of Gumball.)

So, while I was in my recommendations, I found a fic called "Daughters". That immediately turned me off, but at the same time, I checked it out. And you know what the summary was? THE DEFINITION OF WHAT A DAUGHTER MEANS. LIKE WE WERE FIVE YEAR OLDS WHO DID NOT KNOW WHAT THAT WORD FUCKING MEANT.

(If you want to see it, I added it to my reading list as a joke. Just don't bombard the story with hate comments.)

It's like, if you can't write a summary for your story, then that gives me the automatic conclusion that your story doesn't have a plot to begin with.

But onto the real question: is that seriously the trend with celebrity fanfics?! Like, you have a title that's all lowercase and then in the summary, the only thing there is the definition of what that title meant? I DON'T FUCKING GET IT.

Like majority of the popular celebrity fanfics all follow this for some bizarre reason. Don't get me wrong, some of the fanfics from HP, Fairy Tail and AOT (ect.) do this as well but not to the degree that it annoys me and majority of them have a decent summary in place. Probably because they actually want people to find their work interesting unlike some of the people only doing it for reads and votes. Yeah I'm kinda generalizing but you get what I mean.

An even worse trope that I see in the summary section is the quotes. Oh god. And it's not like you have the summary for the actual story and have a quote at the bottom as an extra. No, the quote is legit the only thing you have for a summary.

It's kind of like you find a love story called, "Daddy Niall" (I made it up but you get the picture) and in the summary, the only thing you find is something like this:

"This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is."

JUST IN WHAT WORLD DOES THAT QUOTE MAKE SENSE. It doesn't give us any context of what the story is about nor does it try to pull us in. It's just....there. (Oh, and that quote is from Dennis Rodman.)

Now, there's nothing wrong in putting a quote from your own story in the summary. Those types of quotes give the potential reader a chance to get interested in what your story is about. It's also a chance for that reader to get a glimpse of your writing style. Usually, these types of summaries usually have the gist of their stories below the pulled quote.

The main point of a summary is to entice new readers. Putting a random ass quote and making that the only thing you have for a summary just because you want to sound "deep" is just super cliché at this point and you probably shouldn't write a story if you can't write a simple short summary about it.

Well, that's all I got for this rant. Please do comment below and let me know what you think! I'm always open to new POV's and suggestions. Oh, and dedication goes to genie_us. She's one of the inspirations for this rant book :D


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