Chapter One - Confessions

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I chewed on my chapped bottom lip and deliberated asking him what the hell had happened the other night. The chill autumn air stroked my loose hair and left my cheeks feeling raw. He sat on a fallen log and patted the space beside him, hazel eyes looking greener today. It could have been the reflection of the forest pines.

"Are you going to sit?" He asked with an almost amused smile on his face. His perfect skin was tanned as usual, unaffected by the October frost. My suspicions only grew.

I nodded and took three quick steps to close the gap between the log and myself. I sat next to him, so close that my black leggings brushed his blue jeans. He popped open a bag of chips. Lays Salt and Vinegar. He knew me so well I almost felt ashamed of myself. Almost.

He offered them to me first. I reached into the bag and took a perfect round chip and bit half. His eyes glowed happily as he took one and popped the whole thing into his mouth. "You're really quiet today." He noticed.

I stared at my combat boots. Should I tell him? Tell him what, exactly? But I knew what I saw. There was no way my eyes had played tricks on me. Was there? "I saw something the other night."

His brows furrowed. "Okay... maybe you'd like to elaborate?"

"When I left your place, I didn't drive off right away. I was waiting for my phone to charge so I could call my mom and see if she needed me to pick up anything on the way home. I saw you, Kyle."

He froze. "Saw me what?"

I looked into his eyes, swallowing the last bit of the chip before answering. "You changed."

His long fingers landed in his hair as he swept the strands from his forehead like he'd just realized they'd been bothering him. He averted his gaze from my face; in fact his eyes were roaming the forest as if looking for an escape.

I grabbed his arm to stop him from moving. "What happened?"

He cursed under his breath before looking into my eyes. I'd known Kyle for five years now. We'd met freshman year of high school. We started dating in sophomore year. I knew him like the back of my hand. I'd memorized the freckles scattered on the bridge of his nose, I knew he had a scar just above his left nipple and could recite every single one of his favourite foods. We'd given each other our virginity, I'd confessed my love for him, and he'd done the same. We were the 'most likely to get married' couple in the yearbook. But after that night, I felt like everything was a lie.

He took my hand in both of his and said, "I love you, Alaska. Nothing will ever change that."

I nodded quickly pushing him to go on.

"I'm not... who you think I am." He gulped as if saying these words was physically paining him. "I'm not... human."

I sucked in a breath even though deep down I knew. I just couldn't believe it. "Then what are you?"

"I'm a... you're going to think this is stupid." He groaned, "I'mawerewolf."

I frowned, replaying his words back in my head. "Did you say werewolf?"

"Yes." He replied looking earnestly into my eyes. "I am half human, half wolf."


He frowned in confusion. "Of course forever, I was born this way, babe."

"B-but how is that possible? I thought werewolves were just... make believe." I seriously would not have believed him had I not seen him transform into a big, furry animal in front of my eyes that night.

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