#You turn him on at a bad time

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Kian: Of course this was an accident. You hadn't meant to attract him sexually, and be never meant to get hard in a public place. You, being clumsy as ever, dropped your car keys as soon as you got out of the car. Now, in a regular situation, you would've bent down to get them no problem. So you did so, not realizing that your boyfriend was standing right behind you. The mall parking lot was completely full, so this couldn't have been more awkward for the two of you.

"Ki? You should calm your friend down." You giggled pointing to his crotch. His cheeks burst into a pink color, his hands slyly covering himself.

"You shouldn't have put your ass all over me." He mumbled, a small smile cracking the corners of his mouth.

Ricky: "My parents should be over any minute!" You called to Ricky from the bedroom you two shared. You rushed down the stairs to quickly set up the table for your parents who were expecting a meal that you promised. Ricky remained in the kitchen, watching over the spaghetti sauce that sat on the stove. Half way through setting up the table, you realized every place mat still needed a wine glass. You reached over to the other side of the table, stretching and leaning to set the glass down carefully. You could sense an awkward shift in the room, Ricky not being able to stand still from the place where he now stood. He had only come to tell you that the dinner was ready to be dished out, what he didn't know is that you'd have your bottom sticking out.

Trevor: The car ride was long and endless. Your little sister, Trevor, and yourself were on your way to the beach. Small babbles of unrecognizable words made there way out of her mouth as she played with her sunglasses. Subconsciously you placed your hand on Trevor's thigh. It was a small action that led to a tense ride. His pants tightened slightly and you removed your hand immediately. He shifted uncomfortably for the rest of the ride, both of you sitting in silence aside from your sister.

"Sorry." You apologized, a blush creeping onto both yours and his cheeks.

Jc: "Babe? Have you seen my bra?" You wandered around the house wrapped in a towel. A normal occurrence for you was losing clothing, anything from socks to jeans. Your forgetful side could never keep anything where it was supposed to be.

"No, I haven't. Wh-" he shut his mouth as he looked up from his phone to see you there. Your towel held tightly against your damp skin, to him that was breathtaking. A rosy blush fell upon his face, you stood confused however. Realization hit you once you saw his pants tightening around his crotch.

"Don't even think about it. You and I both know the boys are coming over for lunch later." You teased, which he ultimately pouted at. You kissed his lips gently, letting them linger for a few moments. "Maybe later." A wink was sent to him as you turned to go and find the missing bra.

Sam: "Hey guys! Send some questions and I'll answer them!" He spoke into the camera. His current YouNow was going well, he had talked with the fans a bit and now he requested for questions. You were off in the bathroom getting into your pajamas and taking your makeup off. Your hair was tied up into a messy mix between a bun and ponytail. Quite frankly, you'd given up with fixing it.

"Any good questions?" You asked, trying to be more involved with his YouNow. He nodded, and turned to you.

"There were a few." His words weren't directed to you, they were more so directed to your chest. The low tank top you had just gotten as a pajama top was on the slightly revealing side. You rolled your eyes as you saw what you'd done to him in the middle of a live broadcast.

"Eyes up here." A giggle escaped your lips. He coughed awkwardly, turning his attention back to the screen.

Connor: The finishing touches of your makeup were completed, as well as your curled hair that fell onto your shoulders. You had to admit, the risky dress you bought was a lot more than you thought it'd be. It was almost too much. Your slim figure was outlined in a really sexy fit though, not to mention your legs looked fantastic.

"The girls should be here soon." You mentioned to Connor, he nodded and looked to see what you had chose to wear that evening.

"Holy..." His voice drifted off, examining you from top to bottom. "You look so hot." He let the comment slip out, you blushed and thanked him. You could've sworn that he was about to drag you into that bed, but unfortunately for the both of you the doorbell rang before anymore sexual tension could grow.


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