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There was that one star everyone knew the name of but some people still could care less. One's who won award after award. Or had a song on the radio every few songs. Yet some people still didn't know who they were. Well Jackson was that kind of star. He was on of those pop stars that almost every girl who heard him loved.

I was one of the few people who didn't know who Jackson was. People, mainly teen girls, thought I lived under a rock. I didn't though. I just never cared for Jackson's kind of music. I prefered the styles of My Chemical Romance or Black Veil Brides.

When I first heard of Jackson it was for a simple job. I was a new worker for a news company that wanted an interview with him. Most people who worked for the company were older than Jackson. Having no idea who Jackson was, I was told to do the interview since I wouldn't put in bias information about him. Now here I am telling you about my experience with Jackson.

It began on a warm early October Saturday. The interview was set up for today at a small diner, that was going to be closed of the interview. Just to keep Jackson from fans. It was about six thirty at night and I was sitting at the diner. As I waited I listened to my IPod with Black Veil Brides on. I hadn't been paying much attention when I heard someone clear their throat.

Looking up I saw a boy around 18 or 19 with brown hair that had some streaks of dirty blond in them. His hair was styled to the right side. He was wearing a pair of plain black sunglasses. The boy wasn't a big buff dude, then again not many singers are, but he wasn't truley scrawny. He was wearing a black leather jacket over a plain white t-shirt, a pair of grey jeans that were covered in white paint and had a hole on the knee. Around his neck sat a pair of black headphones On his feet were a pair of light grey converse. In my head I thought this guy loves white and grey.

The boy sat down across from me as he took of his jacket, headphones, and sunglasses. When his sunglasses came off I noticed his green eyes. I have to say his eyes were gorgeous. They reminded me of emeralds. Which was my birthstone and my favorite stone. "So you're the interviewer?" He asked and leaned back in his seat. I nodded as to say yes. "Ok interviewer, I'm guessing that you know I'm Jackson."

I had no idea this was Jackson but I played it off like I did. "Yeah your Jackson and I'm Katherine but people call me Kat," I said. A waiter who had stayed came and took our order for drinks.

"Well let's get this interview over with. Ask whatever you want beautiful," Jackson said. My thought was that he was just trying to suck up and trying to get me to put in how great he was. Then I thought that it wouldn't work, even if I put that he was a terrible person, Jackson could properly pay the media to stop production and release of the interview. After the seconds of thinking I decided to just push the comment aside.

All of a sudden fingers were snapping in front of my face. I looked up at Jackson who just stared back. "I know I'm attractive but a picture would last longer," he laughed. On the inside I laughed too because it was funny but also because that was embarrassing. On the outside I just rolled my eyes.

I reached into my bag and grabbed the notebook full of questions. The questions I was told to ask. Turning on my phone so I could record the interview. The waiter returned with our drinks. Jackson took a sip and we began.

AN: Picture is of Kat who is played by Alex Dorame. All rights go to owner.

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