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It's not him, it's her. He's an amazing guy, she's just not ready to settle down. He's in love with her, she loves him but not as much. He deserves to be happy, she knows he will be with another woman. So it's over? She hopes they can be friends.

Sid doesn't reply. It doesn't even matter because Sondra simply kisses his cheek before walking out of his life and out of their two-year relationship.

A punch on his arm brings Sid back to reality. "What did you do that for?" he asks, lightly shoving Dominic.

"Because you were thinking about her. Again."

"I wasn't."

Sid blocks another punch. Two old women sitting across from them in the waiting area whisper, staring at them. And they're not the only ones who seem getting their testimony ready. It would probably go with something like this: "yes, officer. Two African-American guys in their late 20's wearing hats and baggy clothes. The fight started with the short one hitting the tall one who pushed him back." Meanwhile Sid and Dominic would have to explain they're just two best friends having a friendly argument.

"I wasn't thinking about Sondra," Sid maintains. "I was thinking about my shop."

"Good, because I don't want Sondra to ruin my vacation. Again."

"Dude, that was last year."

"That's my point! Stop letting that bitch ruin things when you ain't even with her anymore."

"First of all. Don't call her a bitch."

"She dumped you on your three-year anniversary. Who does that?"

"Second of all..."

Time to board. Sid quietly sighs of relief as their gate is announced and he doesn't have to explain what he cannot even explain to himself. They both pick up their backpacks and laptop bags before heading in. The discussion should have been over as Dominic is too busy with last minute texting to even glance at the smiling flight attendants.

"Man, seriously," Dominic suddenly says, grabbing his arm once they're in their seats. "We're going to Guadeloupe to have fun. So just forget about Sondra, okay?"

"You're the one who keeps talking about her."

"... Right." Dominic lets go of his arm. "I mean it, though. This is going to be the best time of your life. Trust me."

Sid manages a little smile and bumps fists with him. Still, as Dominic keeps texting, Sid leans back and closes his eyes, Sondra's last words already replaying in his mind.


Shouts and laughter fill the air as people reunite with their family and friends. All this happiness makes up for the stormy weather that welcomes Sid and Dominic outside of Pole Caraïbe Airport. At least, it does for Sid who is sitting on his luggage while Dominic is arguing on the phone in French.

"My sister says she'll be here in five minutes," Dominic sighs after hanging up. "Which means in 15 minutes at the earliest."

"They run on CP time here too?"

"In my sister's case, yes. She's always late." Dominic just lets out another sigh. "Anyway, we're going to sleep at my grandmother's tonight and tomorrow, we'll go to my dad's studio in Saint-François."

"You sure it's cool that I sleep at your grandmother's? I'm sure I can find a hotel room for tonight."

"Don't worry. Man' Thérèse would hit me for letting a friend sleep at a hotel when she has plenty guest rooms."

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