Chapter Seven

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A/N I didn't want to do Percy because I didn't want to mess it up. It's been a week since the last chapter by the way. Forgive me if I make mistakes, please. 😀

Pain. That's all he felt. Piercing, unbearable pain. Will had said it was just the after effects but it felt as if the poison was still flowing through his blood, boiling and piercing everything.

He was weak. He could hardly breath on his own and the most he'd moved was when he'd shake in his sleep. He hadn't even gotten the strength to have a conversation. Every breath was like a knife.

But the worst, the worst was the look and his friends faces when they saw him. They tried to hide their pain. Their worry. But Percy was a pro at that. He new the symptoms.

And Annabeth, every time she came, he felt like a piece of his heart shattered a little. She looked so desperate. It was almost as unbearable as the pain.

  Still, he was grateful for her. She came every night to keep him from basically going insane. Even though she'd never admit that's true. That he was that fragile. But he knew that she knew.

Percy was fished from his thoughts when the door creaked open. He used all his might to move his head to see who it was. Annabeth entered, smiling.

Hazel, who had been sitting with Percy in silence as she held his hand, smiled back. Annabeth took her usual seat that nobody even looked at anymore. It was like she put a label on it.

Annabeth gently took Percy's other hand. Percy was grateful for both of the girls, even though every touch was like an arrow piercing his skin.

A few moments later, the rest of the seven had appeared. This happened sometimes. They had a little meeting. Percy dreaded them. He couldn't comment and he couldn't answer his friends' questions. He was useless.

Once everyone was settled around the bed of the pale, practically motionless demigod, Jason spoke. "So,uh, Percy... How you feeling?" He tried nervously. Percy knew he only wanted to help. But he honestly was just making things worse.

With difficulty, Percy opened his mouth. But all that came out was gurgling sound and a whole lot of pain. Percy's anger went up about ten levels. He was tired of this.

"Maybe we should get Grover," Piper piped up (A/N I'm sorry I had to). Percy assumed he was bright red with anger and effort. As much as he loved G-man, he was not his mouth.

He started hyperventilating, and swallowed a few times. He opened his mouth again with a newfound determination. "No," he rasped.

Five pairs of eyes stared at him in shock. But one pair only glowed with admiration and pride. Grey eyes met green for what felt like eternity and Annabeth smiled with such love, Percy's pain almost dulled. Almost.

Piper was smiling widely now. "Alright," she said softly. "How are you feeling?" She repeated Jason's question.

Percy gulped and blinked tears out f his eyes. "I," he breathed deeply for a moment, "I've b-been b-b-better," he rasped. Piper laughed.

Percy drew a few more ragged breaths before he hoarsely said, "T-thank y-y-you," he paused to catch his breath, "for everything."

At this point everyone had tears welled in their eyes. Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank, and Leo cried tears of joy for their brother. Annabeth cried tears of love for her other half. And Percy cried tears of exhaustion and pain. But at this point, he didn't care. He was finally making real progress.

A/N Sorry if this was a little boring. I'm going to try to amp it up the next few chapters. Thanks for having patience.

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