Compare Me?

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Never you dare compare me.
Never you dare try to change who I want to be.

I'm only human and so are you.
But why compare me to another,
When you're supposed to be a loving mother.

Yes, I know she gets straight As
But have you ever wonder what causes my bad days.
Never you dare compare me
Because within my heart
I know who I wanna be.

Never compare me cause you see it fit.
I'm a person that has to face trials bit by bit.

Yes, I know she's the perfect daughter.
But am I not also your child?
I obey you even though sometimes
I can't help going wild.

I'm not perfect and neither is she.
She's my sister and not me.

Anyone else feels the same way?

My mother constantly compares me to my big sister and you know what too my dad calls me her name sometimes.

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