Chapter Two

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"Hey Y/N, I'm relieving you." Paisley muttered, catching your attention.

You let out a breath, and flashed a smile. "Sweet! I'm starving." You chuckled.

Macy made her way in, waiting for you so she could walk you back to the locker rooms. It was mandatory to have someone with you while walking through the park.

"So after lunch, I'm going to do the parade right?" You asked, fixing your dress.

"Yep! And Steven will be with you." Paisley stated.

"Y/N, we need to go. There's a line out here." Macy exclaimed.

You took in a deep breath, and made your way over to her. Before slipping out of the lightly dimmed room and into the bright fresh air, you glanced back at Will and Paisley. "Have fun Cinderelly." You winked.

She scrunched her nose and waved back at you. "Break a leg, Rapunzel! Dont trip over your hair."

You rolled your eyes and let out a chuckle as you finally escaped the room.

Little girls all ran around you. Smiling and trying to stop you to take a picture. You only but flashed a cheeky grin, and politely kept your pace back to the locker room. You were on a time limit, and though you didn't want to seem rude, you weren't able to stay and chat.

Jensen kept his pace, as he marched back to where he last saw you. His heart was pounding, feeling as if it were about to jump out of his chest.

"Um hi, I was just in here about half an hour ago, and I think I left my-" he paused thinking of what to make up. "Uh I think I left my wallet here." He swallowed hard and forced a dry smirk.

The employee escorted him inside, and with every step he took, he could hear his heart thud in his ears. He was more nervous than he has ever been in his life. But most of all, he was excited. Excited to see you once again.

"Okay, you can go right in." The employee stated.

Jensen nodded. This was it, the moment he anticipated from the second he left. The door swung open, and he stepped in.

Both Paisley and Will snapped their gaze over to him, growing in confusion. "Um hi, I just-" he paused as he looked up and met Paisley's eyes. His breath escaped him and his stomach dropped.

Will noticed the way he looked at her. And though it took him a moment, it finally clicked. He couldn't forget those eyes, and even that body. No matter how hard he tried.

Jensen cleared his throat, and snapped out of the trance he was in. "Sorry. I um, I think I left my wallet here." He exhaled.

Paisley, who was in character shook her head. "Oh good heavens. What is this wallet you speak off?" She batted her eyes. She wasn't going to deny it, she couldn't help but think he was attractive.

"S-sorry sir, I've been here all day and haven't seen a wallet." Will muttered.

Jensen shaped his lips in an O and nodded. Feeling awkward and stupid. "I must have dropped it somewhere else. Thanks. Sorry for bothering."

"No bother at all. Please, you are always welcome here." Paisley smiled.

J smirked and made his way out, walking back to his daughter and his friends. He couldn't help but feel let down, and the thought of never seeing you again, bummed him out.

As the door closed, will snapped his gaze to Paisley with wide eyes and his mouth dropped. "Oh my god!" He cackled.

"I know! He was such a hottie." She chirped.

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