Chapter one

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"Daddy, where are we going?" JJ asked, as she held her Rapunzel doll close to her.

Jensen glanced up at the mirror, and smiled as he watched her snuggle up to her favorite toy. "You'll see Princess. It's a surprise."

This year has been nothing but stressful for Jensen. From shooting supernatural, to conventions, and now going through a divorce, he was beginning to feel himself give up.

But every time he looked at his daughter, seeing her smile. He would find his way back.

This was a hard transition for her. She had to go from her moms house to his every other week, and JJ was starting to feel the stress of it all. It's pained Jensen to see her this upset. Though she masked it up, he knew deep down she was hurting.

Tomorrow is Justice birthday, and he knew what to do.

"Trust me sweetheart, you're going to have a lot of fun." He stated.

She flashed him a cheeky grin, and kicked her feet around as she started to hum Disney songs to herself.

Jensen could feel himself grow excited by the second as they continued driving.


"Wake up daddy!" JJ chuckled, as she shook his body.

He fluttered his eyes open, and met her gaze. A smile immediately forming on his lips. "Hey Princess." He muttered, his voice slightly raspy.

They arrived at the hotel around midnight. And luckily JJ was sound asleep, she didn't notice that they drove past Disneyland.

"It's my birthday!" She cackled, jumping up and down.

He flashed a smile, as he picked her up to the bed. Jensen nodded, and started to tickle her. JJ's laughter filled the air along with his as she tried to wiggle her way out of his grasp.

"D-Daddy! Stop!" She cackled.

Jensen let her go, giving her a chance to breathe. Both their smiles lingering, making their cheeks ache.

"Okay, just because it's your birthday." He smiled. "Come on, let's get ready."

She furrowed her brows, sitting up in the bed holding her doll. "Where are we going?" She asked.

Jensen shrugged his shoulders and smirked. "You'll see. It's a surprise."

Though JJ was only five years old, she was such a persistent little girl. "Can you tell me and then I act surprise?"

He let out a soft chuckle, and shook his head. "Nope, sorry princess. You're gonna have to wait." He stated. "Come on, let's get ready."

She let out a sigh, and rolled off the bed. Following her dad to the bathroom. He played some Disney music on his phone, and began to brush his teeth.

She followed in pursuit. Jensen couldn't help but laugh whenever she made faces at him with toothpaste all over her mouth.

JJ was the best thing in his life, and no matter how he was feeling, she always knew how to put a smile on his face.

After an hour of two, They were finally ready. Jensen wore a black tshirt with khaki shorts. While JJ wore a white tank top with shorts.

"Are you ready to have fun princess?" He asked, sliding his sunglasses on.

She nodded her head, holding her blanket and doll in her tiny arms.

"Okay, let's go." He swooped her up into his arms and swung her over his hip.

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