I walk closer to the bodies, inspecting the most intact ones. Their bodies are slashed. Knife wounds. "These people were killed by a knife," I say.

"By who?" Naoto questions.

"Hopefully no one who's around here anymore."

"Then what happened to their bodies? They've been torn apart," Shayla  says.

"Look at the wounds. They're not bitten, they're stabbed to death. That hollowed out body isn't from the hands or teeth from the infected. These people were killed by other humans."

"Slashed and killed. Their bodies were left to bleed out. They were murdered."

"They were slaughtered."

We turn to see Jose standing behind us. His eyes travel across the walls and the floor.

"Look at their bodies," Jose points towards the hollowed out stomach corpse. "That's a woman. Her hair is covered in blood, but it's long like a woman's. She had large clothes on but small legs and arms. She must've been pregnant."

"And they cut the baby out and left her to die," Naoto finishes.

"They didn't want her to turn. Or they didn't know what would happen to the baby. They killed her because she was pregnant." Shayla leans against a shopping cart in disgust.

"No, they killed everyone. Not just her. Since she died, they must've not wanted the baby to turn. You see, they let them all bleed out. Let them suffer. And then they stabbed them in the temple to make sure they didn't come back."

"This doesn't make sense," I say. "Why would someone kill a group of innocent people?"

"It must've been a big group of killers, too. We've got some horrible people out there." Jose looks around again, his face flat. "We need to get stuff and go. This isn't a good place to be. Those people could be anywhere."

"Naoto, how long do you say they've been dead?" I ask.

He frowns. "They're not decaying. Their bodies are bloated, filling up with gases. No more than a week."

"A week?" Shayla shakes her head in disbelief. "Let's get supplies and go."

Jose and Shayla head to the food while I follow Naoto to the pharmacy. The smell makes me nauseous and I try to hold in my breath as we pass more bodies.

Naoto looks around, grabbing needed medical supplies and shoving it in the bag he carries around his shoulder. Once he's done, he turns to me and nods.

I nod back and we walk towards the food section where Jose and Shayla look around.

"There's almost nothing left," Shayla says. "They took all the goods. Everything left is just spoiled."

"That means they have a big group," Jose says. "If they need that many supplies. . . Unless it was already cleaned out when all of the shot started. But there's over fifteen bodies here. So they must have a big group."

"Let's go then," I say. "They must be around here somewhere. Can't risk it."

We all grab our things and hurry out from the horrific scene.

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