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(🔥Sabrina's POV🔥)

I did not know what the Hell I was doing. I didn't even stop to think what I was doing, if I was going to kill anybody, or how was I going to calm down.


"Betcha that this will cost ya," she said. I was confused at first, then, she took up one of my mother's antique crystal vases off the table.

If looks could kill, she would be long dead by now. I gave her a look that said I dare you.

And she did it anyway.

She needs that ass whooping I was talking about earlier,

Was the last thing I said- I meant thought before the feeling came again.


I looked down. My mother's favorite crystal vases was smashed in to a million pieces-big and small- in front of me.

How could I let this happen?! I know for a fact that I'm in trouble. Maybe grounded for two months, but in witch years, that's two years years.

I look up at Alora, tears streaming out of my eyes. Mom, I'm so sorry. I think privately.

The warm feeling is here. It's growing hotter. I can feel the tips of my fingers blazing-no scorching- and I can't stand it.

"Ahhh!" I let out a cry of pain, and double over, using the counter for support.

"Somebody do something!" Blake shouts.

He tries to come near me, but I back away. Hurt flashes in his eyes, but I don't fucking care!

"Sabrina please," he starts. My heart does a summersault that he knows my name, but I ignore it, while still backing away. "Let. Me. Help. You." He says, still taking steps toward me, but more cautiously.

"What are you wasting your time on her?!" Alora shouts at Blake.

He doesn't answer, so she was obviously being ignored. I guess she didn't get the hint, so she keeps shouting, to get his attention back on her.

Like always. The star of the show. With his good looks, and her body, they could be the perfect popular high school couple.

But to be honest, I think he doesn't realize the fact he is my first love, and to watch him do those things to her, was heart shattering.

Because I wanted him to do those things to me. Snap the fuck out of it! My conscience reminds me.

"Sabrina. Let. Me. Help. You." His voice is deep with concern,-and since he's an alpha who usually gets what he wants- I can tell that his wolf is coming out since I'm not giving him what he wants.

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