I sit up from the bed and search around the room for my hand bag. I spot it on the kitchen counter and get up from bed and dig inside to get my cell phone. Shit! It's dead. I regret not charging it before we left last night. The door from the bathroom open and I spin around, looking at a wet, glistening Harry with a towel around his hips that just barely show down there. My mouth goes dry as I glance down his body. I put my phone back into my purse and turn around to Harry. His hair is falling on his forehead and it's dripping wet.

"I talked to your friend, she knows you're here." He says, glancing from my purse to my confused face, "I talked to her last night, she was more than happy to help you into my car.

Of course she was, "Oh. Okay."

"I'll get dressed and then you can get in the shower." He says, walking back into the bathroom.

"Okay." I breathlessly say as I see his muscular back, god, he's gorgeous! There is nothing that could possibly be wrong with him. I look down at my legs and notice that this shirt goes really high up on me, almost hitting my underwear. I walk over and sit on the edge of the bed and wait for Harry to come out. The breakfast isn't here yet, and I'm kind of bummed out, I am really hungry now that I think about it.

The door opens and Harry walks out, I take one look at him and my mouth goes dry. He's wearing black jeans that hug him slightly and a white button up shirt which the top three buttons are undone, he looks

"You can go in now, if you want." He says, walking over and slipping on some black boots.

I nod my head and get up, trying to pull the shirt down as far as it can go before closing the door.

The bathroom is still steamy from the shower Harry just took, and the shower still has water in it. Why do I find this so hot? It's like, I'm feeling him naked, but not really. I don't know what I'm saying. I strip myself from the shirt and step into the shower, closing the glass door. I turn the water on and take the wash rag Harry just used and use it to clean off my body, oh this feels so dirty, but yet so good. I shampoo and condition my hair before getting out of the shower. I wrap a dry towel around me and remember I didn't bring any clothes in with me. Shit! I flip my hair over and shake it, trying to make myself look hot. I whip my hair back up and look at myself in the mirror, eh, it'll do I guess. I open the door and step outside. Harry turns and looks at me, his eyes growing a little big, looking at my towel, his eyes come back up to mine and his jaw tenses.

"I.. I didn't bring my clothes, I don't know where they are." I stammer, whispering. He nods and walks over to a bag sitting on the bed.

"I had them dry-cleaned for you." He hands me the bag and I give him a smile.

"Thanks." I say and walk back towards the door, glancing back at him, as he watches me intently. I blush and hurry into the bathroom.

I finish changing, still regretting Steph dress me last night, I'll probably look like a hooker leaving his room today! I look in the mirror, I don't have any make up with me, or hair products, or a straightener. Great, he'll never want to see me again! I have a hair tie in my purse, I'll grab it when I go back out. I take another look in the mirror and leave the room, Harry's sitting at the table near the window, with a massive amount of food in front of him. My mouth begins to water, not just because Harry, but because there's food here too. I take the seat beside Harry and look at him while he reads the newspaper.

"I hope you're hungry." He says, flipping the page of the paper.

"Very, actually." I giggle lightly, taking a plate. I fill it with pancakes, sausage, eggs, and toast. Harry moves the paper and looks at my plate and gives me a smile.

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