Chapter Four

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I woke up the next morning to the beauitful sunlight coming threw the hotel window. I felt so refreshed. I had slept on the softest bed I have ever slept on. With Ronnie as my pillow, I could tell this was going to be an amazing day. I got up and looked aroud for Emmy. She wasnt in the room. I got worried and walked out in the hall. Still no sign of Emmy. I went down to the lobby and there I found her asleep on the couch. I laughed to myself and tapped her on the head. She woke up with a shock and fell to the floor. "What are you doing all the way down here?" I asked her laughing so hard. "I dont know. I remember hanging out in the room with you guys watching a movie and then you fell asleep. So I was going to but Ryan was chilled out on the other bed, Derek was pasted out drunk in the chair. The floor was to hard and for some reason Mika was in our room and in the bathtub and im scared of Jacky, so I came down here, laid on the couch and watched the football game on tv and must have past out." She said as she got up and laughed.

We walked back up to our room and Ronnie was just getting up. "Hey I wounderd where ou went off to." He said as he hugged me and kissed me softly. I blushed and felt week kneed but mangend to tell him where I went. "We got a big day today." He said as he walked into the bathroom to get dressed. I smiled evilly and looked at Ryan asleep on the other bed. "Would it be okay if Ryan just actsdently fell outta bed and on the balconey outside?" I asked Ronnie as I giggled to myself. I waited from Ronnies answer. I hurd him laugh and say, "Of course." I told Emmy to open the balconey door. Emmy and I gently rolled Ryan to the edge of the bed, but the bed was still to far from the door. So I desided to move the bed aginst the door. Me and Emmy pushed it as far as we could. I looked at Emmy then at Ryan and laughed. Ronnie was walking out of the bathroom just as I was about to push Ryan to the balconey. "1, 2, 3!" Emmy and I counted softly. We jerked the cover from under Ryan and he hit the floor hard and rolled out the door. We quickly moved the bed back and as we did and jumped on the bed Ryan managed to get up but was still in shock. Ronnie thought for a momment and ran to the door before Ryan came back in and shut the door and locked it. Ryan, only in his underwear, was standing on the balconey. Mika came back from the lobby, after Ronnie kicking him outta are bathroom, and asked, "What happend?" I laughed and told him are prank. Mikas eyes got wide and a smile came across his face. He took out his phone and took a picture. "This is going on twitter!" Mika said as he sat down laughing to hiself. I jumped beside him and whisperd in his ear, "Tell the fans what hotel were in so he can put on his own show." Mika fell to the floor and laughed as he posted what I said to twitter. "What funny?" Ronnie asked confussed. "Check your twitter." I said as I ran to Ronnie knocking im on the bed. He pulled out his phone and saw Mikas tweet. He laughed so hard he cried. I ran to the window to see if people were out there and they was. Ryan wasnt even paying attention to the people he was beating on the window. Ronnie texted Ryan and told him to cheek his twitter. As Ryan looked at his phone his eyes grew wide and turn to look at the street below. Hundrads of fans gatherd in the street. After a few mintues we thought Ryan had enough and let back inside. "Haha, very funny." Ryan said as he grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom to get ready of Disney World.

"We need to get ready." Emmy said not knowing what to wear. "Crap, I have nothing to wear either!" I said freaking out. "Calm down, everythins going to be fine. Cyndy, you can wear my clothes and Emmy, you can wear some on Ryans." Ronnie said grabbing his and Ryans suit cases, putting them on the bed. "Really?" I said going threw his clothes. He nodded his head. I thought to myself, "What could I wear?" Then it hit me. His thin black tank top that said, Dont fuck with family in white writing with his white skinny jeans. Emmy was going threw Ryans and grabbed some ripped blue jeans and a black and white stripped tank top. I grabbed Ryans liquid eyeliner off the dresser and stood in front of the mirror to put on my makeup. "I'll I need is eyeliner." I said as I finished putting it on. I smiled and sat on the bed as I watched Ronnie but on his eyeliner. Emmy laid across my lap. "Exited to go ride rides?" I said laughing at her as she was making faces at me. "Yes! Oh hell yes!" She answerd and laughed as she rolled off the bed to the floor.

I put on my converse as Ryan and Ronnie finished getting ready. We walked across the hall and knocked on the door where Mika and Derek was getting ready. I ran and jumped on the bed Jacky was laying on and he bounced to the floor. I laughed as he got up and tackled me. "What was that for?" I asked laughing on the grownd. "That for bouncing me off the bed." He said in his funny actsent as he got up and started putting on his eyeliner. I stuck my tounge out at him and got up to hug Ronnie. "Hey! Were leaving in ten!" He said as he held my hand and started to walk out the door. We all walked out the door and Jacky ran outta the bathroom, turning the lights off and shutting the door behind him being the last one out. Walking out the back of the hotel to hide from the fans we loaded the van. Derek got in the drivers seat, Ryan got in the pasenger set and Ronnie, Emmy, Jacky and I piled up in the back. I climbed to the very back and Ronnie followd. Jacky and Emmy sat in front of us. I laughed and poked the back of Jackys neck. He turned and looked at me evily. I laughed and stuck my tounge out at him. He laughed as he turned back around. I turnd side ways and put my feet on Ronnie and leand aginst the window. I felt awsome. I gotta wear Ronnies clothes and was on my way to Disney World with him and the whole band. I never felt so wanted or loved in my life.

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