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"Is everyone okay?"

"Are we really out of there?" Kira asks


"Alright let's go to the car." Kira lets go of Theo and grabs Scott's hand.

"Who's driving?" Scott asks

"You are. We aren't putting you and Kira in the backseat so that you can attack each other." Liam rolls eyes.

"We were not going to do that."


"Kira!!!" Malia runs from the car to hug her best friend.

"Hey Malia, you are crushing me."

"Be nice I travelled to wherever this for you."

"I'm kidding I am glad to see you." Kira climbs into the passenger side

"Am I demoted to the backseat with Malia and Theo?"

Scott rolls his eyes at Liam "Yes."

"Fine." Liam helps Malia chain Theo to the seat.

"Is this really necessary? I helped you guys."

"Yes now shut up." Malia finishes chaining him and then sits in her seat.

Once they are all situated, Scott starts driving towards Beacon Hills.

(1 hour)

Scott and Kira are the only ones up.

"You can sleep, everyone else is and they weren't taken to Shiprock and almost turned into a skinwalker."

"I had enough sleep plus I don't want you up by yourself."

"Liam told me that you told me to look for a note before you passed out."

"Yeah it doesn't matter now."

"You thought you were going to die."

"I did and I didn't want you to see me like that. I know how death affects you."

Scott grabs Kira's hand "You know I would not have just listened to Liam."

"I hoped that you would, I didn't want you to be in a dark place."

"Thanks but it's kind of inevitable I would go crazy if you died just like you would if I got hurt."

"You have a point but you saved me."

"It wasn't really me though."

"You think it was Theo?"

"He is the one who knew how to interact with the skinwalkers and he did the poison bargain thing."

"That may be true but you saved me. You made the plan and I'm sure you made multiple if something went wrong."

"Yeah I did but..."

"Scott stop I don't care about whose plan worked. What matters to me is that you came for me without hesitation and dealt with Theo for me." Kira kisses his cheek

"It wasn't an option to me. I would do whatever to have you back."

"I love you and no one's plan is going to change that."

"I love you too."

"They really made you drive?"

"They thought we would've attacked each other back there."

"Probably a good call then because I would have." Kira kisses Scott's neck.

"Hey don't start that right now, I'm driving."

Kira keeps kissing him "I don't know what you're talking."

"I'm trying to keep my focus on the road."

Kira whines "Ugh fine I'll stop for now."

"I mean trust me I want to but..."

"I know responsible Alpha Scott."

"Trust me in 12 hours we won't have these people in our way."

Kira smiles "Okay. I'm surprised you didn't bring Stiles."

"I kind of just rushed out, Malia and Liam came to our house when I was leaving."

"Oh that makes sense. What are you going to do with Theo when we get Beacon Hills?"

"I think I'll just leave him alone because I promised him that if he helped me."

"I'm sorry I know how much you hate him."

"This wasn't about or for him so it's alright."

"Why do you have to say romantic things like that?"

"I'm not doing it on purpose."

"If I have to wait to get you to myself then you can't be romantic."

"Alright I'll just be quiet."

Kira lays her head on Scott's arm "No tell me what that year was like for you."

"You mean when I had to leave to protect Liam."

"Yeah you never told me and I yelled how it was for me at you."

"I mean it's not anything exciting or anything."

"That's okay I want to hear it."

"Alright, it starts like...."


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