Confused mate

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I got out of bed and threw on some clothes. I never tried to look nice last time I tried my I was beaten they took my clothes then set them on fire. I went down stairs and cooked while I was verbally abused. But nothing was going to bring me down today was the day I found my mate and he would stop all this today. Then alpha Luke came down my wolf yelled MATE MATE. He looked at me then took me up to his room he told me he loved me then he slept with me I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up to laughing and someone taking pictures and Luke was smirking and kissing some girl I ran out of his room and to my own I packed everything I owned into my backpack and left. Let me tell you about my past I used to be happy in till my older brother and parents were taken by rouges all the kids thought it was my fault but the thing was I was with the alpha all day. Ever since then I've been the punching bag but none of the adults know. The teenagers live in their own pack house. It's for the soon to alpha so he can learn how to take care of a pack well he does a horrible job at it. The alpha was nice though sometimes my twin sister fed me or helped me with my wounds she usually just abuses me lik the rest of them.

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