7.12. The Big Day...About to Ruin?

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Chapter # 7.12 The Big Day.... About to Ruin?

Gul's POV

"Nai ho sakta ye nikah

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"Nai ho sakta ye nikah. Mein honey nai doon ga Gul!" he was shaking his head decisively while I just stood there dumbfounded, flabbergasted at what I just found out; I wasn't in the state of even thinking straight... kuch kehna to door ki baat thi.

"Hussain can't marry Tehreem. Ye nai ho sakta" he was almost blabbering to himself when my head snapped back into his direction, a sudden gush of anger raged up to my head and no matter how much I tried to bare with his idiotic claims I could not hold long...

"He cant do this to me, how can he...

"Shut up Ibraheem!" my feet automatically moved into his direction as I raised my voice with my index threateningly pointing at him who frowned in disbelief. "Shut up and just cut up this stupid rant of yours"

"Hussain has not done anything to you okay. He didn't know that you would fall for his fiancée, being his best man you would ditch him like this" my eyes burning.

"you are taking his side?" disbelief oozing out in every word of his. "he made me fall for her Gul! It wasn't my fault. Hussain hated Tehreem, phir ye nikah ye achanak wali muhabbat kahan se aa gai?"

"Ibraheem! Its his life, his choice; whether he loves his fiancée or hates her... you and me are nobody to raise questions" my eyes peered through his blood shot orbs, for a moment I saw a shadow of grief and grim making my heart skip a beat.

"he has used me" words blurted out of his mouth, I frowned in confusion. "he has used me and then threw me out of it so easily, no?"

"he never kept hidden anything for us, from me. and today after all that hatred and animosity when he fell for the same girl, he didn't even bother to tell me?"

"so what did you do Ibraheem? Even you didn't let him know about your feelings for Tehreem. Q nai bataya tu ne Hussain ko? Q k tu derpok hea, or sari umer derpok rahe ga. Hussain is far better than you at least he listened to his heart and decided to marry her" he blinked his eyes at me as I snapped angrily.

"Hussain muhabbat kerta hea Tehreem se Randhawey! Na berbaad ker us ki zindagi, bhool ja Tehreem ko" I practically clasped my hands together pleading.

"I don't trust him, not now. He can not love a girl like Tehreem; who is a total opposite, who can never be able to stand for his passions, his dreams. Hussain is only attracted towards her beauty and nothing else"

"jis lerki ko sr ka bojh samajh ker merey hawaley ker diya tha, usi se muhabbat k dawey ker raha hea Sala!....." his voice raised but he stopped just when I grabbed his collars in my hands.

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