Chapter 14: Hope

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Frisk watched as her sister float down to the ground, Caitlin's soul was gone and she was no more. Toriel and Asgore ran towards their child, whom they thought they lost a long time ago. Sans saw Gaster for the first time in forever, he ran over to him jumping up into his arms. Alphys watched the once great doctor cry tears of joy holding his son once more, and then Papyrus walked over asking if he was a skeleton too.

"He is your father, Papyrus, our father." Sans said in a quiet but Joyce way, and Papyrus hugged them both picking them up as well. Undyne picked up Alphys, giving her a kiss on the lips in her happy moment. That finally the monsters were free, in this happy moment came a cry of despair.

The happiness had come with a price, a pure and innocent soul. Caitlin. The once happy air turned sour, as everyone realized that the person who saved them, who protected them was dead. Frisk held Caitlin's head against her chest, tears covering her face. Everyone ran over to her, even the ones she brought back to life. They didn't know her completely, but they knew she was important to their family.

"Sh-She is gone.. My only family.." Frisk whispered quietly, holding onto her. Everyone mourned for the loss, only sniffs were heard.

"Guys.. I have an Idea, it's something she told me before. We always tried to use determination to bring back the dead. But she was able to bring back life, with hope. That's what we need to do, hope for her life." Sans said, he held out hands for them to take, everyone stood in a circle. They closed their eyes, using their hope to help her.


A sky blue light came from Toriel, and into Caitlin. No one saw, their eyes were closed.


Next came dark blue, then white, orange came from the skeletons. The hope growing stronger.


Then Green, and Yellow came from the new couple. Their love had hope for the future.


Finally, Purple and white came from the king and prince of the underground. Asriel felt emotion once again.


A sound of a heart beat echoed through the walls of the room that once held the barrier. Everyone opened their eyes, to see a white soul floating above Caitlin's body. She started coughing, her eyes opened to see everyone around her.

"Thank you, you remembered." Caitlin whispered to Sans, as a smile appeared on her face. Frisk jumped onto Caitlin giving her the tightest hug she could. They didn't know what was to come from the Future, but all they did know is that..

They're Alive.

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