Chapter One Hundred Twelve

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Anora wanted to go home, the Order of the Phoenix had given her and Charlie the assignment of recruiting foreign witches and wizards tot he task of fighting against the Dark Lord. That was going to be easier said than done according to Dumbledore. Many wouldn't want to fight if it didn't involve their homeland, but they had to try to get as many numbers as they could.

But of course, the Weasley family was set on keeping her there, and after making the mistake of visiting her parents briefly, they were fighting to keep her home as well.

She walked into the living room one day to see Eleanor's hair had turned an assortment of colors.

"Whoa! Check out the hair!" she exclaimed with Tonks beside her. She turned to her friend. "Reminds me of you during the summers when you wanted to piss your mum off."

"Ah yes," Tonks said reminiscing the thought, "she hates the bright colors."

"What in the world are you guys doing?" Anora asked the twins and Eleanor.

"We were just testing out a product-" Anora whacked Fred upside the head.

"You don't test products out on your girlfriend, you twit."

"She was willing!" Fred argued.

Anora turned to Eleanor. "Why do you encourage them?"

"Because she's just as guilty when it comes to dirtying her hands in the world of pranks. Isn't that right, love?" Fred rested his head upon the girl's shoulder making Anora smile.

"Alright," Eleanor sighed, "I'm guilty as well. But I will say this...I'm not as bad as these two."

"No one is as bad as these two." Anora told her. "Trust me I've known them since they were this big."

She held her hands a little ways off the ground.

"Hey we were never that short!" the two said.

"Oh yeah right, you two are full of it!"

Before Anora was due to leave, she was able to meet Harry Potter formally. She wasn't sure what she was going to say to him, but as she was introduced she found herself saying one word.

"Sorry." she told him as he shook his hand.

"Sorry? I...I don't understand." Harry said with bewildered look.

"Oh right, duh, I wanted to apologize about Birdie."

"Birdie?" the boy repeated.

"The Hungarian Horntail. The one you had to face in the tournament."

"Oh..well no you don't have to apologize for that."

"Yeah I kinda do. You see...I'm the one who selected her for the tournament."

Harry's eyes widened.

"Not intentionally for you, of course. It just turned out that you picked the most aggressive dragon. did great!"

Norberta watched as Charlie sat by himself in the field writing down notes in his book as the night began to settle in. She had heard him let out several sighs in the span of five minutes. The white haired one had yet to return and it was obvious Charlie missed her greatly. It wasn't just Charlie who suffered either, Roscoe the Big and Dumb was also quite miserable and remained quite inactive with his handler gone.

She had tried to lift both males spirits with some dead rodents but they were completely ungrateful towards her gesture. She blew steam from her nostrils, completely irritated with how much the two males happiness relied on the white haired one. Even the cat had been in a bad mood since her departure.

Eventually, it seemed Charlie had grown bored or had finished his notes, as he closed up his book and arose to his feet.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Norberta. Goodnight." he called to her and then said goodnight to Roscoe in passing.

Norberta whipped her tail back and forth before slamming it down after Charlie left.

Roscoe lifted his head, looked in her direction for a moment and then looked away.

She walked over and laid down before him. She puffed some smoke at his face trying to gain some of his attention. Roscoe's tail moved around in acknowledgement but he didn't look at her.

"Well, aren't you two turning into cuddle buddies?"

Roscoe's head shot up nearly knocking Norberta back.

The two dragons looked over and saw that Anora had returned. She looked tired unlike her usual hyper and energetic self but she had a smile on her face as she approached the dragons.

Roscoe went to approach her but suddenly stopped himself, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Oh Roscoe don't you start with this guilt trip shite, I had to leave." He continued to ignore her, while Norberta looked at him but turned back to Anora.

Now that the white haired one had returned, Charlie would be in better spirits. Norberta walked over as Anora yawned and stretched her body.

Anora felt the rough scales against her leg and looked down to see the end of Norberta's tail wrapping around her leg. She glanced up at the dragon who was watching her with a steady look.

"Hey beautiful girl," Anora said slowly reaching her hand out. "Sorry I left you to deal with this knucklehead."

Norberta touched Anora's hand with her snout for a brief moment before walking away. But as she passed Roscoe, she whipped his side using her tail.

Anora chuckled.

"That's her way of telling you to quit being a baby Roscoe! She's not going to want you as a mate later on if you keep acting like this!"

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