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Pen Your Pride


You made it a daily routine to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother with Harry at least once every day. It was your favorite show hands down, and Harry felt the same way. You often found yourselves arguing over who was the funniest character but in the end you could never truly pick. On the other hand, Harry always managed to find similarities between the fictional couple, Marshal and Lily, to your own which quite frankly always made you smile. He was the marshmallow to your lilypad, and you wouldn't have it any other way.


Whenever you watched How I Met Your Mother with Louis, he always claimed to watch it for one reason only; Barney Stinson. Louis found him to be absolutely hilarious, especially when he spoke of his all too familiar "bro code" and "the playbook". You had to agree, Barney was pretty awesome.

"I honestly thought Barney and Robin should've been together." You commented once the series was over and you watched as Ted came back for Robin.

"No, I think it was nice of Ted to come back to Robin after all those years." Louis said shaking his head and you shrugged.

"I guess Barney would be for me then." You winked which resulted in Louis rolling his eyes.


Liam had suggested you watch How I Met Your Mother after he had finished the series himself, and given the good review, you decided to give it a try. All it took was one episode and you were hooked, you were basically obsessed. Liam knew how quickly you fell in love with tv characters, so when you rambled on about Marshal Eriksen he simply laughed and rolled his eyes. Eventually you went from liking Marshal, to liking Ted Mosby, to later liking Barney Stinson and then the whole cycle would start over again. It was all amusing to Liam and he simply nodded his head in agreement to anything you said, which did end up being a big mistake. Unknowingly, Liam agreed to a slap bet that he later payed the price for on thanksgiving day. It was, as you went on to say on many occasions, Legendary.


It was safe to say that both Niall and yourself loved How I Met Your Mother and you often found yourselves joking around with each other using references from the show. On one regular night at home, you were having dinner with Niall and everything was going well until you got up from your seat to wash your plate.

"You want me to get that for you Swarley?" You asked Niall as he looked up at you and laughed.

"Really Y/N."


Updated: March 22, 2018

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