Harry: (Louis)
You : I love you babe, good luck today!

Lou: Thanks beautiful :) x

You: I'm sorry Louis I though I was texting Harry.

Lou: I know :) make sure you check the name next time. x

Louis: (Harry)

You: Hey Love! I'm really sorry about yesterday.. Can we call it truce?

Harry: It's to late now Y/N ...

You: Nooo :(

You: Wait ... Harry. That was for Lou.

Haz: Louis said your forgiven.

You: Haha, great. Thanks.

Niall: (Zayn)

You: hey Love, I was wondering what you would like for dinner?

Zayn: wow, Niall gets treated like a royalty.

You: He deserves it after a long day :)

Zayn: What else does he get after a long day.

You: ..

Zayn: (Liam)

You: baby I miss you :(

Liam: I miss you too!

You: Sorry Liam I meant to send it to Zayn 😬

Liam: I know love :)

Liam: (Niall)

You: hey Liam, are we still pranking the boys after dinner later?

Niall: Ahem, care to explain?

You: shit. This wasn't for you. forget you ever read this.

Niall: I don't think so Y/N.

Niall: let's make a deal here, I don't tell the rest of the boys & I'll help you & liam prank them.

You: Deal.