“Hey baby Ginger! Come here! Give sweet papa a hug!”

                I opened my arms wide and far, a silly grin on my face as I saw annoyance flashed through my best friend’s deep blue eyes. Instead of a warm, long-time-no-see kind of embrace, Daniel Harris greeted me with a hard punch.

                I repeat, hard.

                “Aw man!” I muttered. I fingered my slightly throbbing jaw. Would it leave a mark? I hoped not. “What’s that for?”

                “Paying courtesy, oh so holiness!” He smirked playfully, ruffling my dark hair. Only he could pull that off. Another person would lose his hand – scratch that, his whole arm – in the process. “How’s summer? Hawaii? Greece? Or was it Australia this time?”

I shook his hand off my hair, but I didn’t mind the disheveled appearance I probably had now  – for some odd reasons, girls find that messy look appealing. I had no problem with that, but weren’t they weird? I mean, girls dress up while guys have this devil may care look?

                “In Sri Lanka,” I replied, remembering the beautiful islands dotting the azure ocean. His face gave me a don’t-speak-pig-Latin-on-me look. I figured out that Sri Lanka must be too much for his love-occupied, sun-fried brain. “It’s in Asia, dumbass. Nice beach. Pretty girls. You’ll love it. Actually, I met this nice model who –”

               But I wasn't able to continue the retelling of my awesome experience because someone kicked my shin.

                “Don’t corrupt his mind, K!” a tall, leggy Latina interrupted. Fierce black-brown eyes glared at me. Her hand was holding Danny boy’s arm like he was her rag doll. Introducing Jamila Gerodias, Danny boy’s *cough* guard dog *cough*, girlfriend.

                “Jam baby! You’re tanned!” I fake exclaimed. “The beach did you good.”

                “I’m dark since forever, stupid,” she snorted. It was very unlady-like but she's forgivable. She's every bit on the fiery side and we love her for that. Daniel joined me in boisterious laughter. She glared at him too.

                Oh, how I miss these guys.

Daniel and I have been friends since middle school. He was the new guy, and I, the king of the school jungle, welcomed him in my territory with open arms. Ever since, we’ve been together like bread and butter. He’s the blonde, cute guy type that most girls couldn’t resist and I was the dark, black horse slash bad boy that people love to hate and hate to love. We were the perfect tandem, surfing through girls as if they were seawater waves. And then Jam came along last year and they became an item and then we became the untouchable trio. So much of a story.

Now, it was the first day of our Senior year and we were talking about nonsensical stuffs by my shiny black Lamborghini and while I tuned out most of the conversations, I began checking out the new female lot this school year had to offer.

 Hey, I was the only hardcore player left standing. I gotta live up my name.

“K, we’re heading inside. Justin and the others are probably waiting,” Danny boy said as he glanced at his watch. He was the golden quarterback. Champion of the school, blah blah. Spare me those stuffs. I played, and I played good, different sports even, but I was never serious. They’re just games, for all sake’s sake. I never understood how guys could be passionate with them.

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