Imagine 8- (sweet) for 14dreamer88

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Nancy's POV

 I was on my way to Austin's Birthday party. He turned 17 today (A/N Just pretend he turned currently turned 17). He thinks im in L.A. to see my family, but truth is my family are in New York visiting my Aunt. I pulled up into his drivway getting ready to surprise him. I walked up so i was infront his door to his condo. He was having just a small party which included his close family and friends. I fixed my darkish blonde hair and was ready to go inside.

 I opened the condo door to his condo and tip toed in. I herd all the familiar voices in the kitchen so i made my way there keeping quiet. I saw Austin's back turned towards me. Perfect! Everyone else saw me and smiled. I waited until he blew the candel out that was on his Truckfit cake. When he did i shouted 

 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!" louder that everybody so he can hear me. He whipped his head around until his green eyes locked with my greenish/blueish eyes. His face lit up and he ran towards me cruching my in a bear hug. He picked me up and spun my around and put me back down. He kissed me and of coursed i kissed back. "Awwwww" everybody cooed. He pulled back with a smile on his face as well as mine. 

 "Im glad you came, but what about your family in California" he said with his arms still wrapped around my waist. "I lied just to surprise you" he smiled and pecked my lips again. He led me to where everyone else was. I greeted them and went back next to Austin. 

 He kept his arm around my waist the whole time. Once it was time for him to open his presents, i reached into my purse and pulled out a rectangular box that held real squared black earrings inside. I paid it with all the money i saved up for years. When he was done opening all his presents, i handed him the box. He looked at me "Yout didnt have to get me anything" he said. "But i wanted to" i kissed his cheek which made him blush a little. He unwrapped it and opened the box. His face lit up and he gave me a tight hug "These are the ones i wanted!".

 I smirked and kissed him. I remember he was talking about those earrings to Alex about how much he wanted them. He put them on and we continued the party. 

*2 hours later* 

 The party was over and everyone left. I was on the couch cuddled into Austin's side. He was playing with my hair and it was getting me kind of sleeply. 

 Austin's POV 

 Nancy was cuddled into my side and i was playing with her hair. I just love this girl. She is the love of my life. The present she got me was by far the best present i gotten today. I remember i was talking about the earrings to Alex and she was right there. I wanted those earrings for a while and know i got them. I can tell she was getting sleepy "Baby are you tired" i asked. She nodded yes and i carried her bridal style to my room. I changed her into my shirt and boxers and laid her down next to me.

 I kissed the top of her head and whispered "I love you with all my heart" she nuzzled her head into my chest and responded "I love you to baby".

 I continued to play with her hair until she fell asleep. Once she was asleep i kissed her forehead once more and fell asleep myself.


Hope you liked it Nancy! 

BTW! I decided i am gonna make a fanfiction and its called Toxic. Its and Austin Mahone fanfiction. And its gonna come out soon! Ill post a prologue for you peeps!

Bye! :*