Sad Liam Payne Imagine

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Sorry for not updating recently! I'm at the fair and I'll update again tomorrow if I can and on Thursday. Sorry for the wait guys. No one requested this so it's a random story. Hope you like it! It's really sad so I'm sorry if you cry easily.


It was 10:30 pm on a warm summer night. You were sitting next to Liam in his bed watching a rerun of Dr Phil.

You weren't just sitting with Liam in any bed, you were sitting with Liam in a hospital bed.

He had lung cancer, and he wasn't doing so well. The hospital called you to done in because he kept crying about much he wanted to be with you.

They also called you because he was dying.

Liam coughed heavily and you felt his whole body shake. He gasped for air and you grabbed his hand.

"Liam, are you okay?" you asked as he stopped coughing.

"It hurts," he said with tears in his eyes.

"I know baby just, stay a little while longer," you said while a lump the size of a softball formed in your throat.

"Anything for you," he said in a raspy voice. The boys walked in and smiled a little.

"Hey Liam," Harry said, his voice choked up.

"How's it going?" Zayn asked quietly.

"Hi snowflake," Niall said shyly.

Louis was the first to break the tension, "What's going on, Payne Train?"

Liam smiled and looked at all of his friends, his four brothers.

"So," Harry said, "how much longer?"

The tears started to stream down your face as you said quietly, "An hour."

Niall stepped back a little as tears cascaded down his cheeks. Liam coughed again but this time, he started crying.

"Can you sing 'Moments' to me? I can't do this anymore," Liam sobbed. The boys nodded and started to song the chorus of 'Moments' to Liam.

Here you were, holding Liam, while he was dying in your arms. The innocent boy from Wolverhampton England was dying a slow and painful death right in front of you.

"I'm sorry it hurts too much," he said as he looked at you. The boys voices cracked and choked up but they continued to sing as their brother died in front of them.

"Shh," you put your finger to his lips, "you can go now."

The boys stopped singing and Liam looked at you. Tears fell from your eyes silently and he cracked a very small smile.

"I love you, baby," he said one last time to you.

"I love you too, baby," you barely choked out. He smiled again and he fluttered his chocolate brown eyes shut. The heart rate monitor drew a long, solid line as a steady monotone pitch struck the air.

"Goodbye, Liam," Louis said as he touched Liam's head.

"I love you, brother," Zayn patted his cold hand.

"I'll miss you Liam," Harry said through tears.

Niall was definitely the worst, "I love you, Liam. You were like a brother to me. We aren't One Direction without you. Please visit me in my dreams. Please visit me. I love you."

You held onto Liam as Niall kissed his fingers and slowly the left the room.

"Liam, I just want you to know that," you said while sobbing uncontrollably,