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Steph's P.O.V

I knocked on my parents door, holding Mia's little hand. Well, she was basically holding my wrist with both her hands.

Soon, my mom opened the door.

"Wardell"she said, hugging me

"Hey mom"I say, kissing her cheek

"I missed you son!"she squealed, tightening her grip around me

Mia released my hand, allowing me to hug my mom with both arms. We let go.

"Ryan"my mom said again, going to hug Ryan

After a while of conversing with her, she noticed Mia holding my hand.

"Hi"mom said

Mia waved hi. My mom then gave me a curious look.

"Remember when I said I was going to adopt?"I say

"Oh yeah"she said

"This is the one I adopted"I say

"Wow, she's beautiful"my mom said

"Thanks"I say

Mia hid behind me again.

"She's quite uncomfortable"I say

"Oh, sweetie it's okay. We're not gonna hurt you"my mom said

I pull her out from behind me.

"Come in"my mom said, opening the door some more

She let us in. We walked to the kitchen where everyone else was.

"Steph!"Sydel exclaimed, running and jumping into my arms

I chuckled and picked her up a little. I kiss her forehead and put her down.

"I missed you Big Bro"she said

"I missed you too Little Sis"I say, ruffling her hair

She laughed. She went back over to the island. I walked further into the kitchen.

"Hey dad"I say, hugging him

"Hey son, how's it going?"he said

"Good"I say, smiling

Seth walks over to me and we do our secret handshake. We both laugh at the end.

"Hey Ry"Sydel said, grinning

"Hey Sy"Ryan responded

We all laugh.

"And who is this little one?"my dad asked

Mia was holding onto Ryan's hand now, literally refusing to let go.

"This is Mia, my adopted daughter"I say

"She's gorgeous"Sydel said

"Thank you sis"I say

"Hi, I'm your Aunt Sydel. I'm cooler than these two"Sydel said, pointing to me and Seth

"No she's not, I'm the cool one. I'm Uncle Seth"Seth said

Mia smiled.

"None of you are better than me"my mom said

"That's cold"my dad said

As they all debated on who was better than who, I just laughed.

"Okay guys...I think Mia decided that I'm the coolest"Ryan said, starting another debate

I just shook my head. Mia giggled, holding onto my hand.

Wow, awesome first impressions.

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