"DYLAN MARIE HARDING, if you don't get your ass in here and celebrate our birthday with us I'm going to kick your ass all the way to North Carolina and back to Cali." Casey yelled at me. I look at the clock and see it says 4:03 am. God I hate my middle name and she knows it. Stupid Dick-Head. Then I remember. She hates her middle name too.

"Oh shut up Casey Renee Dreams. And don't forget it's your birthday too, bitch." I remind her. I hear her groan from downstairs in the kitchen.

"Well girls hurry up. We still need to make breakfast for the whole pack." Alison said.

Yes she said pack. Yes as in werewolves. Yes we all have the same birthday. As you all know a pack generally has a lot of people in it. Werewolves eat a lot. So we wake up early every morning to cook breakfast.

Why us well that's because were omegas. Omegas are referred to as the lowest in the society of the pack. Omegas are inferior to all others in the community, and are expected by others in the group to remain submissive to everyone. Omegas are used as public outlets for frustration and given less when they get food.

We made everyone's breakfast and then made our own. Then we waited. We aren't allowed to eat yet. God I hate being an omega, but it's better than being a pack slave. They literally have no rank. They do any and everything. Everyone in the pack is allowed to do what they want to them. Even me and the girls.

I was ripped from my thoughts by the sound of the doors slammed. I looked up to see a very pissed off Alpha and Luna. I bowed my head in respect. They nod at me. I look up and see the Beta and Beta Female and their daughter, Lisa.

Lisa is the meanest sluttiest girl ever. Her and her friends love to pick on me and the girls. And the worst part about it is that we have to take it. If we don't we will be killed or worse kicked out of the pack and turned into rogues.

Being a rogue is hard. Everyone is actually against you. Packs and other rogues. It's so hard people ask to be killed instead of being rogue. A lot of wolves cut ties with their pack. They were probably mistreated. It really sucks being at the bottom of the food chain. Trust me I would know.

While everyone was eating the Alpha and Luna made an announcement

"Everyone I have bad news." The Alpha said "We must give 4 of our females to the Twin Alphas of the DarkBorn Pack." He continued "These 4 females please step forward, then pack your bags and you will be sent to the border of their land." He then got a a sticky note out of his pocket.

"DYLAN MARIE HARDING,CASEY RENEE DREAMS, BAILEY ELIZABETH PARKS, AND ALISON ADAMARIS COOPER. Please pack your things quickly. A car will be waiting for you."

As the rest of our pack stares at us in shock, I look at the girls and signal for them to meet me down the stairs. I have a really bizarre feeling about this. My wolf is so wound up. She on the odd occasion ever talks. She hates every person I come into contact with. From time to time I even feel like she hates me.

Speaking of I really don't understand why she allows me to have friends. I guess she likes their wolves.

My wolf, Marie is so stunning. She's a gorgeous a tar black wolf. She loves my friend's wolves. Casey's wolf, Renee is a beautiful pristine white. Bailey's wolf, Elizabeth is a striking gray. While Alison's wolf, Adamaris eye catching red.

Nobody has ever seen us shift. That's why were omegas. The pack thinks we aren't important because we 'NEVER SHIFTED'. We shift all the time. We just don't shift with them. The moon goddess told me not to and the girls not to shift either.

I don't understand how we all have the special wolves. Our wolves are special. Only wolves these wolves can speak directly to the moon goddess. The colors of BLACK, WHITE, GRAY, AND RED.

Even worse than that. We were all born on the same day. At the same time. In the same pack. And the same hospital.

I was yanked out of my thoughts when I looked down to see my stuff all packed and waiting. I look up and see the girls looking at me with worry filling their eyes.

"Who packed my stuff?" I ask softly

"We all did. You were standing their deep in thought. Nobody wanted to disturb you until we had to leave. It's time to go. Come on girls." Bailey said angrily.

I realized how strong she was. She was rejected by her parents who are the Betas, her siblings, and her pack. I guess were all strong. My parents were the strongest pack warriors, Casey's the alpha's daughter, and Alison's the Delta's only child.

After getting upstairs and into the car I made sure to cut my ties to the pack with the girls. And with that we fell asleep.


When I woke up we were at a Walmart. I just now realized I have to pee. I look up and see the girls are gone with the guys who took us.

As I was walking in I bump into two tall hard walls. Then arms wrap around me and I look up and see the most amazing guys I have ever seen in my life. I feel the power rolling off of them. I look into their eyes. And the words that would change my entire life were said.

'MATE' The gorgeous guys and my wolf said.



I had just noticed that I was still crushed, sandwiched between my two gorgeous mates. Then I realized that they were alphas. I silently bowed my head. I look up when I hear two sexy low growls. I wince at the sound.

"Il nostro compagno è paura di noi. La nostra bellissima compagna. E 'paura di noi. Fa male." I hear one of them say in a pained tone. I feel so bad for hurting his feelings. I was about to apologize until the other one said something in Italian.

(Our mate is afraid of us. Our beautiful mate. And 'afraid of us. It hurts)

"È necessario ricordare, fratellino. E 'da un pacchetto zoppo. Che ha battuto la i loro membri del ranghi inferiori." He said in a deeper huskier voice. And oh damn. That accent almost made me cum on the spot.

("You must remember, brother. It 'a lame package. Who beat their lower ranks of the members. ")

I look up at them and say in Italian quietly "Posso parlare italiano, ama." They look at me in shock.

(I can speak italian, Loves)

" Cosa altro si può parlano?" They said in unison blending their voices together. Making them sound ten times sexier.

(What else can you speak)

"Inglese, francese, tedesco, greco, italiano, latino, e swahili." I say a little louder.

(English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, and Swahili)

" Avete intenzione di respingermi?" I say with fear in my eyes.

(Are you going to reject me)

"Mai. Tu sei la nostra ora. Nessuno vi porterà da noi. mai." They said in unison.

(Never. You are ours now. no one will take you from us. never)

Then my girls showed up out of nowhere. I ran and jumped into there arms. We ran out with the Alphas on our trail. Then we turned a corner. They stopped. We kept going. We ran to the car and the guys started driving us away. I turn and see my beautiful alpha mates.

They must not know I'm an omega. I thought to myself and then drifted to sleep. 

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