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" hello, mr and Mrs DiNozzo. Please open the door" the nurse said. You woke up from loud banging on the door. " coming" you say and get out of bed and open the door. You already had your sweat pants and a baggy tshirt on. " morning Mrs DiNozzo. I'm here to discharge you" the lady said. " thank you" you say happily. " Tony. Wake up. Where going" you say as the lady walks out the door. " Gibbs dropped my car off. You ride. I'll drive" he says getting up. " let me put my jeans and a new tshirt on." You say and grab your jeans and a tshirt. You head into the bathroom and change. You take your hair out from a plait and it was curly. " nice" you say and put your glasses on your head. You open the door and chuck your pants and tshirt in the bag Tony had. " here's your bike key, helmet and your leather jacket" Tony says handing them to you. " thank you" you say and put your ankle boots on. You then put your jacket on and then the mockingjay necklace Riley gave you. " I have 3 necklaces. I really need to organize my neck" you say laughing a bit. " actually. " you say taking the fighter jet necklace off. " this can be a charm" you say to yourself and clip it on the charm bracelet you got for your birthday. you put the chain in a ziplock bag and into Tony's bigger bag. " let's go" you say leaving the room clean. They discharged you at the front office and you climbed on your bike. You took a quick drink and then put the water in your pocket because  it was a small bottle. You put your helmet on and glasses down. " geez it's sunny" you say as Tony gets in the car. You put the key in the ignition but you didn't run the bike on. " I missed you so much baby" you say and grasp the handlebars. You backed out of the hospital quietly and once you got to the road you turned the bike on and followed Tony back to Ncis LA. You both pull up at the same time. You took your helmet off and turned the bike off. You zipped the key in your pocket and walked into Ncis la with your glasses and jacket still on. " I feel weird. Look at me. Jeans and a jumper fights jet pilots wear and then look at you. All handsome in your suit and tie" you say. " it's fine. They don't know what you have done yet" Tony says and puts his arm around you. You arrive up and join the others, as you joined them you took your glasses off and put them on your head. " is that a jacket you get once you fly a fighter?" Callum asks looking at you and your jacket. " yep" you say waiting for orders on what to do. " ( y/n) where did you go yesterday. You didn't come back we all got worried" Kensi said coming up behind you. " Sam didn't tell you?" You asked. " no Sam didn't mention anything. He came back but he didn't say anything" Kensi said. " well, long story short. We where out collecting  evidence and a man slit my neck, cheek, arm and leg. And I had to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding" you say while Kensi and callum look at you with wide eyes. " no way" Kensi says and you show her your neck. " woah" she says. " but I threw a knife in his chest" you say and she looks at you smiling. " well done girl" she says and sits down at her desk. " (y/n) you are needed in the conference room" Nell said coming out to the stairway. You go up the stairs. " am I in trouble?" You ask and Nell shakes her head. " no, we just need you." She says smiling and she opens the door. You step in your eyes take a minute to adjust to the darkness. " how can you guys work in here it's so dark" you ask. Eric turns around and shrugs. " wait. Are you the fighter jet pilot?" He asks studying your jacket. " yeah? Why?" You ask. " you got guts. The jackets so cool though" he says and sits down next to Nell returning to work. " so , what do you guys need me for?" You ask and lean against the big table in the middle. " we need your engineering skills" Nell says and puts up a 3D digital engine on the big screen. " can you tell us what's wrong with this engine?" Nell asks. " sure. Do I just touch the screen or what?" You ask. " here. Use this" Eric says handing you a tablet. " alright. Well the ignitions stuffed. Needs new brakes.  Also Needs new air cleaner, radiator and battery. And the front left suspensions buggered" you say pulling the 3D Image apart. " woah" Eric says fascinated and you hand him back the tablet. " thanks" he says . " can you draw digitally?" Nell asks and you nods getting exited. She puts up a big digital sketchbook on the table and she hands you a stylist. " thank you very muchly" you say. " what am I drawing?" You ask. " this" Eric says handing you a picture of a burnt up car. " oh that's easy" you say and take the picture. You first sketch out what the front looks like then the side then the back then the other side. " do you know what color the car was by any chance? " you asked. " blue and white" Nell says. " easy done" you say smiling and then go over the sketches with black. You erase the grey then color it in. " done" you say looking at the digital drawing that looked like a car. You wrote above it • 1956 Chev • and then signed your name in a small font. " thank you. WOAH" Eric says looking at it. " how did you do that with that terrible picture?" He asks amazed. " my grandad had one. He used to always take me out to cars shows with it" you say as the others walked in. " well, this is a scetch of the burnt up car that we found" Eric explains and puts your drawing up. " I bet you drew that" Tony whispered and you smiled proudly. " who drew that?" Hetty asked and everyone looked at me. " I think it could use a little more color" you say looking at the drawing. They all laughed and soon you joined in.

(( hey guys! Sorry for not updating lately. I've been really busy with school, homework, weekends, friends, school, school, school , crap and other stuff to have no time to update. I'm sorry to say but I might actually end this story soon because I kinda ran out of ideas after about chapter 41 - 42? So yeah I'm sorry! I hope you are all enjoying this book though. Thanks :) ))

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