About this story.... Well, it's a story that really explains about my school life. I talk about how I mostly deal with my new year in 9th grade... Yeah, I'm that young! I began writing my feelings during class, where majority of the story takes place! I know, what the hell am I thinking, instead of concentrating on today's lesson, I'm writing about my own life on a piece of torn paper where I could possibly get caught by my own teacher! I am so bad to the bone, like hard core!


I also talk about some particular people and particular events that will happen during my year... I'm still at my first term so far so I don't know how well my year will go! Also, remember when I mentioned specific people? Well some are people I REALLY REALLY dislike like BLEHHHH (that's my way of explaining how much I dislike them, in a language only losers like me will comprehend, ha!) whose names I WON'T be mentioning but only by their initials or probably I'll give them some nicknames and no, they won't be pretty ones! Though I will be mentioning some people I really love and like, and yes they will be having pretty nicknames, haha!

My grammar and vocab will not be so perfecto but I will try to keep it as tidy as possible though the jokes will be occasionally on the contrary! *winks*

Finally I just want to mention the basics so everyone reading will understand. Every week, I will be posting an "I'm So Bored" post that won't be always posted not every weekday since it depends where I am or which period in my class schedule it is. Also, before the "I'm So Bored" posts, I will be posting a "This Week" update to clarify which week I'm updating for you guys. It's definitely not confusing and it's going to really organized and in addition, I'll be posting an "Author's Note" just for a little head's up and anything I need to clarify about the story.

Well that's all I have to say! I really really hope you enjoy the story and my tales of my ever so bizarre school life!

Happy Reading,

Miss A

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