What is love?......

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Everyone was so tired when they woke up. Harry's scar was hurting again and he didn't know why. He was the first person awake in his dormitary, so he decided to get dressed, and sit in the Gryffindor commonroom to wait for his two best friends Ron and Hermione.

"Hiya mate. You ok"? Ron said tiredly

"Yeah, I suppose. What about you"? Harry said yawning.

"Yeah. Just fed up of Malfoy chatting up Hermione, thats all". Ron said slightly dissapointed.

"You love her don't you Ron. Don't be shy, just admitt it to yourself". Harry said, kind of wanting Ron to admitt it.

"Um. I suppose so. Ok, ok. I do fancy Hermione, and I have kinda had a crush on her since the first day I met her. I suppose I just havent had the courage to tell her. I wish-" Ron began.

"Hiya boys. Did you sleep ok"? Said a voice behind them.

There was only one voice that this voice belonged to, and that was Hermione Granger.

"Oh, hey Hermione, I think there was somthing Ron wanted to tell you this morning". Harry said in a slightly humorus voice.

"Um.. Hermione. Well you see.. um i was wondering.. um whether you wanted to go out with me. You see, um.. we've been friends for a long time and i was wondering whether now was the right time". Ron said, sounding slightly shy and embarresed. He could feel his face going bright red.

"Well, the problem is you see, is that someone has already asked me out and I kind of said yes. Im so sorry though Ron"! Hermione said, and ran out of the commonroom crying and Harry and Ron heard her muttering quietly to herself

"What is Love and what does it mean"?

"Girls these days, eh Ron". Harry muttered to Ron.

"Yeah. Suppose. But I really like Hermione, and i was expecting her to say yes". Ron said sounding dissapontingly in love!

"Don't worry Ron. The day will come when Hermione says yes to you. Just you wait and see". Harry said, trying to cheer Ron up.

"Cheers Harry. You really are a great friend, did you know that. I have never known someone as kind and cool as you, apart from Her-". Ron began

"Apart from Hermione". Harry finished Ron's sentence.

"Yeah and Hermione. Lets go down to the great hall for some breakfast. I'm starving". Said Ron, being his usual starving self.

So Ron and Harry made their way down to the great hall, but they were in for a HUGE suprise when they arrived.......

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