Chapter 2

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Kate put the last of their belongings in the car. It was dark outside and Johnny has already left for the night.

His whereabouts only God knows. Any months of trying to convince her sister to leave, she finally agreed two months ago when he tried to hit Kate when he found out she was pregnant. Being efficient in self defense she was able to warn him off causing johnny to land on his bottom, with her threatening to call the police.

He glared at her from the floor telling her she better leave as he is not paying for another mouth to feed.

Kate looked to her sister Lindsey in that moment. She knew that once the baby born she would leave. She doesn't want her child growing up in the toxic environment that her niece is already subjected too.

Hence the reason why the car is full of their stuff ready to leave right now before the alcoholic comes home and cause a scene.

Kate smiled looking at the house before she got into the car. Relief flowed through her veins. After years of trying to get her sister to leave him she finally does.

Kate slipped into the passenger seat. Rubbing her over large stomach. She looked down feeling her son kick. She was four weeks away from her due date.

When she handed in her notice at the school they were still under contact to pay her maternity leave.

The money will come in handy when setting up a new place to leave so they don't slip into their inheritance money.

"How you feeling?" Lindsey asked Kate seeing a small smile playing on her lips 

"I am so happy that we are leaving." She answers grabbing her sister hand to pull her tightly to her side. "I am so happy."

Lindsey sniffed. "I am sorry that I stayed."

"Sh..." Kate cut her off rubbing her arm. "It's hard to leave. I understand that. When you reached your breaking point and left I was here for you. Still here for you."

Lindsey sniffed her eyes looking in the rear view mirror at her daughter. She did this for her and her sister. She needed to be strong now for the three of them. Now soon to be four.

"Where are we going?" Lucy asked from the back. "Is daddy coming too?"

"No baby." Lindsey gave a sad smile at her daughter "He is not coming." She put the car into gear, driving away from the house that caused her so many bad memories.

"Any idea what we do for accommodation?" Lindsey asked her sister once she hit the high way. They were going to a place that was five hours away. It was very remote surrounded by a lot of forest area.

"We find something. Must be a hotel somewhere." Kate said fingering the necklace around her throat looking idly out the car window.

"Why that place?" Lindsey asked looking over at her sister briefly. She let Kate pick where to live. She was surprised that she picked something so far away. "I thought you were a city girl?"

"Hmm..." She hummed. "I know. When I googled the place. It had the same logo as this." She held up the necklace. "I think his father is from there."

Lindsey held her breath to see if Kate would give anymore details on who the dad is. She didn't push her for information when she told her she were pregnant. Now she is curious who would have done that to her older sister then leave.

"Okay." Lindsey said after a short moment. "Let's hope it's as good as it looks online."

Kate used the button on the seat to reline it backwards to that she would be able to stretch further back. "I hope so."

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