Uruha x Reader:『Real?』

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You become accustomed to the glares and glances from partygoers when your evening routine is just dropping in for a quick drink, which then turns into 'just one more'. I see all sorts of fancy business figures come and go in the lobby and make their way to the company party. Dressed in suits and ties, brimming with class and joviality. The women in their flowing dresses, the same old crap day in day out. I take my reserved spot on the couch in front of the glass window overlooking the city below, studying guests each night with the same drink in my lazy hand. A glass of Hakushu whiskey. It's fruitiness from the pear and mango make the dullest of nights much more tolerable and enlightening, the tinge of mint freshens my drunken mind and the mixture of its sweet but smokey flavour gives such satisfaction.

Drinking that whiskey is better than sex. Tastes better than any woman and delivers more pleasure than any woman. I've gotten drunk off this so many times I've completely forgotten what good sex even feels like, it's too good to put down. I class myself as an alcoholic because of my love for this single drink and it's guaranteed availability all year round in this single lounge bar. Two of the three reasons why I come here every night.

If you were to travel back a few months those two reasons would have been my only motives for actually bothering to get out somewhere and 'socialize' if you will. But that third reason came around about early November if I remember correctly. The moment I spotted that floating black dress hugging her figure, it's elegance that accented her atmosphere, I became fixated. I'm not the type of man to give such descriptive compliments about a lady, to be honest I try to avoid it, but seeing that dress fly with her was something else. This sort of sappy talk makes me sick but that girl made up for it, she made it worthwhile.

Spotting her for the first time was like discovering new land, even though I had no clue of who she was she made me excited to know her. I wanted to learn everything about her. However, being my awkward self I couldn't find the strength to approach her, mostly due to the fact that I over thought of how to introduce myself. That is a weakness I'll never overcome. I think too hard about things. I tried to come up with a way to smoothly start up something between us but I could only think of around a hundred and one ways it could backfire with no successful outcome.

Rejection basically.

So that first November night was spent drinking away my cowardly state, mentally loosening up, keeping an eye on that girl, admiring how she talked to all guests with ease and confidence. A true professional socialite. Something I'd always strived to be from an early age. Being socially awkward as a kid always bit me in the ass, even today. I feel that being who I am makes me miss out on amazing opportunities such as having a peer group. I was never really involved with anyone or any type of friendship group in my school days, lunchtimes would always drag.

So watching her smile as she spoke to her peers was refreshing. It reminded me of how good it can be to get involved and jump into the moment, with a little effort I could leave a real impression. But I didn't know anyone there, apart from the barman 'Yuu' who was probably the only person in my life who could actually tell you a thing or two about me. So sliding in and sparking up a conversation would have been pointless, unless I were to see them again. So that night ended with a heavy dose of regret and frustration thinking that the girl was gone for good. After her leave I could not for the life of me remember what happened afterwards, so I came to the conclusion that I drank until I couldn't feel anything.

It's what I usually do anyway.

However after countless nights of lamenting in that same spot, looking dreary as normal, she came back. I saw her again in that same black dress wearing the exact same smile I saw before. I had to double take to be certain that the alcohol wasn't causing hallucinations already, it wouldn't be the first time I'd be seeing non existent women from heavy drinking. It was her, still her majestic and mysterious self around another crowd. Averting eye contact with that girl was a challenge, I'd always be staring in awe and she'd shyly return a gaze forcing me to look elsewhere momentarily. I hate to admit it but it got my heart beating abnormally, and I don't remember another time a girl was able to make it happen. Her coy, playful smiles, like a temptress luring me in unintentionally. I hated myself for being so weak but I loved it at the same time.

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