Chapter 1

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Prince POV

my name is Prince Zekiel Forester, 16 years old.. I'm a hybrid, half werewolf and have wizard which I inherited to my parents. I have a brother named Daniel Dave Forester , 17 years old which is also like me but he choose being a werewolf not a wizard..

My parents named Danny and Teresa Forester..

My father is a healer, which is Now rare to the werewolf community, and which I inherited his power, a fast runner, which my brother get and a strong warrior..

My mother is the last witch, which I also get. She can cast magics, summons and do some spells.. She teach me how to fly a witch broom and do somes spells and summons..

We are happy until a Tragic came..

While we are sleeping, a group of rouges attack our pack. Blood, flesh, and bodies have been laid on the ground. My parents died and we are the only survivors . I keep the books of my mother about spells and magics..

... My brother and I are keep looking for another pack until we see one, The Blue Moon Pack.. They say that this is the most powerful pack and the huge one pack which they only have 300 pack members... Huge family ay?

We've been accepted to that pack by their alpha and Luna, James and Lucille Woodland.. At first they're still confused why I'm bringing books. After I tell them I'm a half wizard, they constantly shock at first but they manage to accept it and I berly asked them that to keep it as a secret which is they promise..

My living here was happy but until it change..

One day , when I tell my brother that I was a gay... He cussed and say some hurtful words and beat me until I lay unconscious.

But it doesn't ended there. It always happening to me and now he's not alone, he have a company which his friends, Dalton , the future delta, and Mason , the future alpha.

My life is like hell and I always suffering. Their beatings and also my brother who I thought to love me and accept me but he doesn't ..

Now curling in my "not-so-soft" bed with my unbearable pain in my body. I can't heal myself right now so I just sleep and let the pain go away...


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