Text 20

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Phil🐯: Dan come home....I'm bored.
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Dan👌🏻: I will but I just want to do something first
Dan👌🏻: just give me 15 minutes
Phil🐯: Fine
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Dan👌🏻: ok come and unlock the door please
Phil🐯: why can't you do it?
Dan👌🏻: please, just do it
Phil🐯: ok fine

Phil🐯: I still can't believe you got me a puppy! how did you convince the landlord?
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Dan👌🏻: well he wasn't grumpy for once and he allowed it
Phil🐯: ok let's stop being antisocial on tumblr and LETS PLAY WITH WINSTON
Dan👌🏻: I still can't believe you called him that
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10k.....ten thousand people have read at least a chapter of this book.... When I first started this book I hoped that I would get past 100 reads, but NEVER did I imagine that I would get 10k! Thanks so much to each and every single one of you, even if you clicked on my book by mistake.

Julia :)

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