Chapter 5

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"oh no, no no no no, please not again" Marinette/ ladybug/ The Forsaken One (it's getting really confusing) heard chat whisper.
She didn't know what to do, she couldn't hear anything anymore or quite frankly see. She stumbled around. Until she suddenly slipped and felt nothing.

[chat POV]

"Mari, NO!" He tried to stop her but it was to late, she slipped, she fell.

So he fell with her.

She was Marinette.
She was LadyBug
She was The Forsaken One

Get yourself together Adrien, she is ladybug and she is your Marinette. Not was or use to be.

He didn't know what to do, he couldn't think.
As the ground got closer he realized Maris eyes were currently blue and purple.

He tried to get closer to her with swimming motions in the air. They seemed to do something. "Plagg claws out!"
Trying to get some protection for when he hit the ground.
Finally he reached her, and he held her as she wept.

The screams down below from people witnessing the even unfold, were no longer heard.

It was just him,
And his lady.

That's when He noticed the blood trickling from her noise.

6 feet,
"I love you"
5 feet
"Like the stars that love the moon"
4 feet. he flipped them over so when they landed he would hopefully take the impact.
"I love you like no words can describe"
3 feet
"You are my purrfect princess."
2 feet
"My loving lady"
1 foot
"And I love you" and he kissed her

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