Big Bang - Lies

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This story is based on a song, Big Bang's Lies. (MV at the side)

It's not the usual, but I hope it's interesting enough. I actually wrote it as an English essay, but my teacher rejected it because it was too long (1700++ words).

And of course, the title of the essay was: Lies.

Hope you guys will enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D

(P.S. Btw, the cover's from the MV, I screenshot and edited the photo. It's GD's hand. I think.)

                                                           *      *      *

               He sprinted along the dull black concrete, occasionally kicking away the beer cans and flyers littering the road. He darted expertly around the narrow alleys, navigating through the numerous twists and turns. His breath was loud and quick, short pants that hastened along with the pace of his footsteps. Almost there… he thought. His speed never slowed until he reached a particular corner, where a lone public telephone hung from the grimy walls.

               He grabbed the receiver and placed a few coins into the slot, all in one fluid movement. The clinking of the coins echoed in that strangely silent street. Without hesitation, callused fingers pressed the familiar number. It was all quiet except for the dialling tone ringing and the heavy pants he emitted, breathless from the run. He glanced around anxiously, willing for that person to pick up the phone as the ringing continued.

               In a small, dimly-lit bedroom, a woman gasped when her mobile phone rang. Was she expecting a call? She rummaged through her shiny gold handbag, unable to locate her phone, and poured out the entire bag’s contents onto the bed. Lipstick, cosmetics, a wallet, keys, tissues, and an assortment of other items scattered across the crumpled crimson bed sheets, and she frantically scrambled through the items until finally, she found her mobile phone. She stared at the screen – it was from a private number – and hesitated for a moment before quickly flipping it open and putting it next to her ear.

               “Hello?” She spoke, her eyes bright with tears and anticipation. There was no reply. “Hello?” She tried again, but there was only silence on the other end. She gave a small sigh and pressed the ‘end’ button, slowly lifting the phone away from her ear.

               The receiver was hanging from the telephone, still swaying to and fro as two police officers handcuffed the man, holding him tight as he struggled and glanced back at the telephone. Despite the officers dragging him away, his eyes never left that telephone.

               Meanwhile, the woman stuffed all her belongings back into her handbag, disappointment evident in her face as she left the room in a frenzy. She strode along hastily, as if she were in a hurry to get somewhere, her heels clicking along the stone pavement in the same frantic rhythm.

               She walked past the grungy blocks of apartments, the gloomy atmosphere further dampening her already miserable mood. She turned a corner, entering a certain block, with a nervous glance thrown back as she walked past the broken elevator, the abandoned units, up the creaky stairs to the third floor. She arrived at the faded door of apartment 303, pausing as she placed a manicured hand on the handle. A feeling of dread crept under her skin but she ignored it and pushed down.

               A strong stinging odour greeted her nose as she entered apartment 303, she realised that the apartment had been cleaned with bleach. The living room was generally neat and clean, besides the masking tapes lining the floor, the only evidence of the chaos that happened just a few hours ago. The tapes formed two shapes, one of a man and another of a small irregular object. If one looked closely, one could faintly make out the outline of a...pineapple.

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