Chapter 2

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   Percy stopped just in front of the doors to his school as his thoughts finally caught up with him, Was that Tony Stark? 

   Percy shook his head. He didn't have time for this stuff. He had priorities; like surviving school and visiting his mom. The important stuff. It wasn't like the billionaire would remember him anyway. He was just a nobody kid from a nobody family. He didn't matter.


    School is stupid.

   It was plain and simple. Percy was constantly picked on for his dyslexia in class and the teacher pretended he didn't even notice. The only subject Percy really excelled in was science. He loved it, especially when he got to do the hands-on projects. He would have been better at math if the numbers didn't decided to dive bomb his page every time he looked at it.

   Priorities. Percy had priorities.

   Shouldering his bag, the young Jackson exited the school, running as fast as he could away so he didn't run into any bullies. They always chased him when he was spotted. It wasn't fun. Luckily, he was faster, so 'ha' to them. Ha.

   Percy stopped running, breathing hard, and looked up to make sure he was in the right place. Manhattan Cemetery. It was the right place. Placing his bag on the ground, the boy carefully opened his bag, pulling out a beautiful blue rose that was slightly deformed by his running.

   He felt a little sad when he saw it. He had wanted the rose to be perfect.

   "Hey, I know you," A kind voice spoke.

   No way. Percy turned to see Tony Stark standing a couple feet away with a bouquet of colorful flowers. He wore casual clothes; a dark hoodie and jeans (probably to hide from the press). Percy waved shyly, suddenly uncertain of what he should do. This was Iron Man; the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist - Tony Stark. Instead, he glanced questioningly at the flowers and back at the man's face.

   "Oh, these?" The Stark gently shook the flowers. "They're for an old friend of mine that used to take care of me." He noticed the boy's small blue flower, "Who are you here for?"

   Percy looked at the man for a second before making a 'follow me' gesture. The pair walked over to a simple grave, one that read:

    Here lies Sally Jackson

   Loving mother to the end


   Tony's eyes softened, "Your mom?" 

   Percy nodded before frowning at his blue rose, almost glaring at it.

   "What's wrong?" The Stark asked, noticing the look. He then wanted to slap himself. The boy was in front of his mother's grave. Lots of things could be wrong.

   Percy pointed to his flower, to the petal that was slightly crumpled, and gave the man a pout.

   Tony nearly laughed, gently taking the blue rose (silently wondering where the boy even found a blue rose) and, with careful hands, smoothed out the petal, bringing it back to its perfection. "There you go, Kiddo."

   Percy looked at it in awe before giving the billionaire a bright grin in thanks. He crouched in front of his mother's grave, placing the flower down and bringing his hands together in a prayer. 

   Deciding to give the boy some privacy, Tony went to leave when he felt something grab onto him. He looked behind him to see Percy grabbing on to the back of his hoodie with tiny hands, big green eyes pleading for him to stay. He doesn't want to be alone. He gave the boy a warm, understanding smile and ruffled his hair, "Sure, Kid. I'll stay."

   Percy hated coming to his mother's grave. It only reminded him that his mother was gone but he came anyway. It was his mom. He would come even if the world was ending. She was- is still- his world. He was glad he saw Tony Stark. For some strange reason, he knew that if he asked (with or without words), the man would stay with him.

   He wiped his eyes, feeling tears slip down his face, before giving Tony a large smile. It was his way of thanks. He saw how Tony nodded with his own small smile and make his way to a grave. Edwin Jarvis. Tony had said that he was visiting a man who took care of him.

   "See you around, Kid," Tony waved. While Percy was lost in his thoughts, Tony had placed down his flowers (secretly placing one on Sally's grave) and made a quick prayer even when he believed that no one was out there. Jarvis did and he would respect that.

   Percy nodded, waving back, watching as the man left the small cemetery. He walked over to Mr. Edwin Jarvis' grave, crouching down and bringing his hands together once more.

   Hello, Mr. Jarvis. My name is Percy. I know you don't know me but I want to thank you for taking care of Mr. Tony. If you didn't, then I would be all by myself to pray to my mommy. I don't like being by myself but Mr. Tony stayed. So, thank you for taking care of him. He's a great man. Rest in peace, Mr. Jarvis.

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