Chapter 3: Episode

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At dinner the whole family was chattering away about the football game, arguing that Manchester was the way to go.

Soon they had finished up their dinner. They were all told that it was time for bed, so they all went upstairs.

In Niall and Louis' room the same thing was happening as the night before, "Niall quit it." Louis said, covering himself up a bit more.

"Shut up you idiot." Niall said, turning away from Louis.

Then someone yanked Louis so hard he almost fell off the bed. He looked at Niall and saw him asleep. He crept over to the foot of his bed, looking underneath it. Seeing nothing he went to the other side of the bed, looking under it as well. He then saw the door open all by itself. He slowly got up, sitting upright in his bed, "Niall, wake up, please." Louis whispered, not looking away.

"What is it?" Niall grumbled, looking up at Louis, seeing him terrified, "What's the matter?"

"There's someone by the door." Louis said, hugging his knees to his chest.

"No there isn't," Niall said, getting out of bed and going by the door, walking around it, "See?"

Louis whimpered, "It's right behind you." He whispered.

Niall turned around and saw nothing, but then Louis screamed. He began crying as their parents went to their room, and the other kids. Paul and Clodaugh were trying to calm Louis down as he sobbed into their chests.

"Sh Lou, what's wrong?" Paul tried to sooth.

"T-There was a l-lady by-y the do-door and s-said she wa-wanted m-my family-y to d-d-d-ie." Louis cried, grasping onto his dads shirt.


"Any questions?" Lauren asked, which about just everybody in the auditorium raised there hands, "" She said, pointing to a blonde haired guy.

"What are you guys called exactly?" He asked.

"Well we've been called paranormal researchers, demonologists, but we prefer to be simply called Simon and Lauren Cowell." Simon replied.

When Simon and Lauren were getting their stuff ready in their car, their audio technician Justing Bieber, came up, "Hey guys, someone wants to speak with you."

They both turned and saw a women, who looked about in the mid-thirties, "Hi, my names Clodaugh. Could you come to my house, there's been strange stuff happening there."

Lauren sighed, "Look, it's really late-"

"Please, I have five sons," Clodaugh said, "And I know that you have a daughter, wouldn't you do anything you could to protect them."

Lauren looked over to Simon, then SImon spoke up, "Lead us the way."

They all went back to the house, Simon bringing a video technician with them. At the house, they entered and Paul went to the door. After exchanging their hello's they went to the kiving room, where all the boys were doing different stuff. Niall was plying on his DS, playing Mario KArt against Liam. Zayn was on his iPad mini, scrolling through his Facebook. Harry was texting a friend on his phone. But Louis was no where to be seen.

"Are these all your kids?" Lauren asked, just as Niall yelled 'How did you beat me again?!'.

"No," Paul said, "We have one more, but we can't find him."

"What do you mean?" Simon asked.

"I left him in the kitchen a little bit ago, then he disappeared on me." Paul replied.