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"You're healing quiet well Niall, being able to get out of your arm cast within a few months is nothing short of a miracle! Your leg will still be in a cast for a few months but we have a boot for you so you don't have to use that crutch anymore" Doctor Stevens says.

"That's great!" I say, flexing my arm. After 3 months in the cast it pinches to move and there was a thin layer of dead skin that Doctor Stevens was getting ready to scrub off. After my appointment Harry takes me a café down the street while we wait for Quinn to finish up.

"So, spring break is a month away" Harry starts.

"And?" I say.

"I want to take you to the Caribbean" he says, I gape at him almost choking on my tea.

"The Caribbean? Like the islands?" I say.

"Yes! Since you won't be here for Valentine's day" he says. Valentine's day was less than a week from now. Zayn had plan for us to go to Canada, his family had a cabin and we'd spend the weekend there, it was for his birthday which he missed due to the flu so he rescheduled, and it just so happen to fall on Valentine's day.

"You could always come Harry" I say, he sips from his tea.

"I don't want to intrude on your friend weekend, if I am there it's as if I am chaperoning" he says, I sigh nodding.

"Fine, we can just celebrate Valentine's day early" I smirk, grabbing his knee from other the table. He looks at me over the glass rim of his tea. I lean back in my seat sipping my tea.

"Oh, baby boy, what I want to do to you will take more than one day" Harry says, lowly. Lowly enough for only me to hear. I try to keep my face neutral as if a fire didn't just set off in my body. We just stare at each other before Harry gets a text from Quinn that she was ready.

She was out of her arm cast just like I was, and she was stuck on the boot for another month. After we get her, we go home. Harry retires into his office for business and Quinn goes to help her grand-mother pack. I sit in my old room, looking at everything that still stayed.

I left so quickly that day, I barely had time to pack everything.

"Why don't you move back in Niall?" Harry asks, I turn looking back at him.

"What?" I say.

"Move back in..... I hate that you're so far away from me" Harry says, I look at him. Harry comes sitting beside you, he caresses my face pulling me close to his face.

"Do you really want me here, or do you only want me here because the thought of me being in another house alone with another male is killing you?" I say, with a quirked eyebrow. His jaw tenses.

"Oh, I'm not worried about him" Harry says, one of his hands gripping my thigh. "I think you know who can make you scream" Harry says, I bite my lip. I lean forward kissing Harry on the neck.

"You know we've never got to finish what we started on Christmas" I whisper, he remains tense his hand on my thigh tightening. "A whole month of me just waiting, I didn't think I had to beg you to take me daddy" I whisper.

"You naughty boy" Harry hisses, I smirk pulling away. "Don't start something I can't finish,"

"Or what?" I whisper.

"Oh, I want to be alone for when I have you screaming to high heaven Niall" Harry says, and I only smirk.

"Harry" Anne says, with turn looking at the door way. Anne stands with Quinn, I blush not realizing they were standing there. Wondering how much they heard. "I am ready to be taken to the airport" she says, Harry stands.

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