Chapter 1

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The clock struck seven. Her blonde hair, once perfectly curled, was now tangled and messed. Her soft blue blouse and her delicate hands were stained with something that caused her shivers.


She felt the adrenaline and the fear running through her veins as she caught sight of the phone on the other side of the kitchen. She was paralyzed, frozen in the floor as her eyes became teary. The young woman moved her gaze to the ground where the intruder lied.

He was dead.

Emma stood up giving clumsy steps through the room until she grabbed the phone. Her fingers were shaking; it took her more than she thought to press the correct buttons and make the call.

"911 what's your emergency?" a woman on the other side asked.

"A man... A man just tried to kill me in my own house and I..." her voice was wavering and words wouldn't come out of her mouth. She took a deep breath and tried to ignore the knife that stood some feet away from her. "I killed him"

"It's alright miss, your call is already being tracked. Help will arrive soon. Please remain calmed"

Emma nodded as if the woman could see her. She slid herself down through the cold marble wall and tried to get a whole of herself until the police and the paramedics arrived to her house.

The clock struck twenty five past seven. Emma's small injuries had already been treated. She was now sitting in the big couch of her living room taking a sip of jasmine tea.

"Emma!" a familiar voice called her name.

The woman looked at her husband and smiled weakly before he wrapped his arms around her.

"I was so worried. When I received the Police's call I thought... I thought the worst," Walsh admitted.

"I'm alright," she said curtly as Walsh stroked her head gently.

She didn't pay a lot of attention to her husband's caress but to the police's presence in the house, which made Emma feel oddly uncomfortable. She just wanted to calm down and try to forget about the fact that she had just killed a man, but having dozens of cops around did not help.

"Mr. Anderson, a word please." Captain Humbert, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, called Walsh.

"I'll be right back, sweetheart." he told Emma before walking away and joining Graham's side. "What is it, Captain?"

"We're investigating every single detail, but at first glance it seems like the intruder came here to steal. He probably didn't count on your wife's presence and that's why he attacked."

"How did he even get inside? I have security guards and cameras outside"

"I assume he walked through the back side of the house. My partners have checked and there are no cameras in that zone and the guards are only settled in the front part. It was the perfect entrance for the thief."

"I can't believe it," Walsh responded indignant. "My wife... She is having a hard time." he said glancing at Emma.

"I know. We will make a further investigation, I promise." He said confident and made a pause before continuing. "Your wife is a strong woman, Mr. Anderson. It requires a lot of courage to do what she did"

Walsh nodded and gave him a small smile.

As soon as the police cleaned the scene, took tons of pictures and made some interrogations to her, Emma went straight to the bathroom to take a long bath. After that, she put on her pajamas and plopped herself down on the bed without saying a single word to Walsh. Her head was still processing the previous events.

The clock struck midnight. Emma couldn't get to sleep after everything that had happened. She couldn't get that horrible image of her stabbing the intruder with one of the kitchen knives. How could she even do that? She had always been so calmed and docile.

She realized that her attitude corresponded to something that every human being had in their DNA: instinct.

Emma yawned. She was feeling very tired and just wanted to sleep. However, her slumber didn't arrive until past four o'clock, which caused her to feel even more tired the following day.


Emma watched the greenish trees and the cloudy sky through the car's window as it ran through the freeway. Colorado seemed to be in a complete different country; it was surrounded by the beauty of nature and things were more peaceful there. Emma had left Los Angeles by plane earlier that morning along with Walsh. He had suggested her to visit a place where she would feel the reassurance and affections of two of the people she loved the most in the world.

As soon as the driver pulled over in front of an old luxurious house, Walsh opened the door to Emma and helped her out. Mary Margaret and David Swan rushed outside and embraced their daughter tightly.

Emma felt the warmth of their hug and couldn't help letting go of a couple of tears. Her mother wiped them away as she guided her inside, telling her everything was going to be okay.

After a matter of three hours, Emma was lying in her old bed, sleeping thanks to a relaxing tea and some pills her mother had given to her. Mary Margaret sat on the edge of the bed, caressing Emma's hair just like when she was five.

She still couldn't believe what had happened to her daughter the previous day. She didn't deserve any of that! Mary Margaret felt sad, but also mad.

"Hey," David Swan's voice called her out in a whisper as he joined his wife's side, "how's she doing?"

"She managed to sleep but... She's not doing very well."

There was a small silence. Emma's parents gazed at her trying to figure out what to do.

"I just talked to Walsh." David stated. "He has some important meetings later today so I told him to leave Emma with us. At least for a couple of days until she gets better."

Mary Margaret heaved a sigh "Yeah, Emma needs our care right now. Going back to Los Angeles after what happened doesn't seem to be a good idea."

"But she has to eventually," He said uncomfortably "I mean, she has to go back to her life like it or not. She can't live under fear."

"I know... But let's give her some days to get better. We'll talk to her and discuss which is the best option. Alright?"

"Alright," David affirmed before taking his leave, closing the door as silent as possible.

Mary Margaret kept stroking her daughter's hair as she thought about something.

Emma will be afraid of going back because she has no one to protect her. Her life won't be the same if she doesn't have the feeling of safeness.

She needs someone who can watch her back and take care of her everywhere she goes.

She needs a bodyguard.

With that brilliant idea on her mind, Mary Margaret kissed Emma's forehead delicately before leaving the room, willing to make a call that will benefit Emma.... In ways she would never imagined.


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