I just want to say thank you for all the support and everything! Thanks for fanning me and voting for my stories! I've decided to write this new fanfiction because [the other one was shit] I got this idea from like personal experience {SORT OF} and my friends' experiences. Most of these chapters were probably formed from late night texts about boys. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and hopefully some of you get to relate because i sure did at some parts. In advance, I'd like to say sorry if you don't like the way i've written this or the outcome of the story, but HEYY, it's my story, right? *Constructive criticism please!*

Before I continue onto the first chapter, I'll just say this: I've written every word, I didn't copy anyone's storyline or plot or whatever, but it's similar to many fanfictions out there. I'll try not to make it super cliche but we'll see what happens. And please, don't take my work and copy it! [I'm pretty sure no one would do that, but just to put it out there!] Thanks for understanding!

OH WAIT. So in this book, I'LL BE POSTING A LOT OF GIFS, PICTURES, AND VIDEOS ON THE SIDE, so don't miss out on those! Every once in a while, I want to do "Flashback" chapters that hold memories and stuff and I hope you guys like those! 

And this story is extremely accurate. Like for real. I've done tons of research and the years add up and everything just works out perfectly! Alright, thanks! Keep on fanning and please vote for this story! <3

~mer .x

P.S. Just a little gif on the side for the feels. (: 

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