Who am I ?

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As y'all would have read the blurb, this book is an attempt to overcome a few of my fears and interact with you all!

Seeing the title to the book, y'all might have thought *this girl is so full of herself*

Actually, no!

I put the title to this book with the block letters ME, in order to overcome the fear of being judged!

If you are following me or if you have read my profile, you would have noticed that I wouldn't even have mentioned my name anywhere!


I was scared, what if the people in real life recognize me with my name on wattpad, read my works and judge me!

But I decided that I wasn't going to give a damn anymore! I am not going to hide my true identity on the fear of being judged!

I am slowly going to reveal about myself in this book.

I don't want to be behind the curtains anymore, if any of you all have been having the same fear as me, let us overcome that through this book!

If we have anything in common, comment and let me know! Let's not fear about being judged!

Initially, none of my friends or family knew that I was writing on wattpad, apparently because I didn't tell them! This is where I am actually confessing this! How many of you all are like me? Confessing for the first time?

So yes! What is my name ??

My name is Madhumitha Lakshmanan. But I prefer y'all calling me Madhu, because when people call me Madhumitha, I find it really weird :p

And yea, for all those who have been asking me, the person in my Wattpad display picture is me ( but not my full face! still the fear :/ , you know ?! )

Finally! Yay! I have revealed my name! I feel like, a huge fear has been removed of my chest. But I still don't have it in me to change my Wattpad username with my own name. The day when I do that will be the day when I actually overcome my fear! This book is just a baby step towards that!

Please let me know your names as well!

What is my age?

Most of y'all would know this if you had read my profile! I am currently 20. I blow candles on November 3! I am a Scorpio! Unfortunately, the sensitive one :(

Initially on Wattpad, I didn't even reveal my age (I know! Stupid me)

Where do I live?

I am a South Indian living at Chennai in Tamil Nadu! A proud Madarasi :p

How do I look?

I am neither skinny nor fat nor curvy. I fall on normal side. I am a shorty but not that short. I am 5 feet 3 inches. Is it short?? But people around me tell me so!

But who cares! Big things come in small packages ;)

What am I studying?

All of y'all who have been reading my books can say this without a doubt! I am perusing my Chartered Accountancy.

I came across many people who are studying or wanting to study CA. Comment and let me know! Would love to interact about this!

Woo! What is my relationship status??

From when I remember, I have been single and I am currently single and I plan on remaining like that for a few more years :p

What is my favorite book ?

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