Chapter Nineteen::Riverrun

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A long month was spent trekking through Westeros, and some found it severely pointless that they'd made it this far South to turn back, but Robb was adamant they would travel to Riverrun; he understood he was not strong enough to take on the Lannister and Baratheon forces in their homes, and saw it futile to stay in the Stormlands where he was susceptible to several attacks from Stannis, or the Lannisters. The journey back North was not so detestable, as Raina found most of it by Rodrik's side, talking of old times spent with one another, and simply joking around as though their were children once more. Her brother, Finn, was often called to his father's side, and so left the pair to themselves. As well, Gregor soon got tired of the two of them and usually trailed with those such as Lord Umber or Ser Wylis - the older, and more mature, members of the King's company. Rodrik was occasionally called away, but during those times Raina managed to seek out other company - even if it was just Grey Wind. He hardly left her side, even when Robb called for him, he remained with her until she made him leave. She liked his permanent company, and found solace in his protection, but could not help but feel bad at having all but stolen Robb's faithful companion. The King didn't seem to mind at all, though he hardly spent any time with Raina on the long trip back, in fact Raina could hardly mention any occasion the two of them had spent together since leaving the Stormlands. She understood he was busy, and was in fact grateful for the time away from him, as where he was, her father was usually not far away.

Today was a dismal one, with storm clouds lurking overhead for the majority of the day, and rain on the brink of falling for some time. Raina had learnt to live with the weather, and not bat an eyelid at it's changes or sometimes disappointing habits, but today she could not help but pay it her full attention, as well as the view lay in front of her. They'd finally arrived at Riverrun, and it was utterly breathtaking to say the least. Raina had not seen something so magnificent since she'd first laid eyes upon Winterfell, and even then that only just compared to this marvel. Raina wasn't entirely sure what she had expected when arriving at Lady Catelyn's home, but it had certainly not been something so beautiful. Perhaps she had prejudicially associated the Riverlands with the same motif as the Twins, which only cast a dark shadow on all places in that specific kingdom. This cast away any previously negative ideas she'd had about the place. It was, in no simpler terms, a wonder to behold.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" A familiar voice arose from beside Raina, as she'd paused upon a ridge to gawk at the view for a while. "That it is." She replied calmly, eyes not faltering, despite her obvious company, "Have you ever been here before?" She asked quietly, her hand subconsciously dragging through Grey Wind's fur as he barrelled into her side, desperate for attention. She'd grown so used to his presence that it hardly phased her that he was beside her again. "Only once, but I was so small then I hardly remember it." Her company said, voice pleasant and welcoming. Finally turning to face him, Raina smiled, enjoying her privacy with the King, as rare as it came. "I am sorry I have not seen you in some time, I have had matters to attend to with Lord Glover," Robb sighed, beginning to walk with Raina as they joined the group heading in Riverrun's direction. "It is quite alright-" Raina began, trying to recollect all the times she'd spent without the King's company, and had noticed him instead with her father, "-I have kept myself occupied without you," She mused, a triumphant little smirk playing on her features as she strode slightly faster than the King, trying to ignore the fact that her father had managed to ruin her time without evening knowing it. "Oh really? I hope you have not been causing too much trouble," He remarked, toying with her as he caught her pace easily. "Oh I have," She taunted, "Lots." They both laughed casually, their mood easily relaxing. Robb, though having been busy for many weeks now, had finally found somewhere to let it go, and not have to worry about keeping up an image, or maintain a reputation, but instead could just be himself. "You remind me of someone Ray," Robb spoke up again, this time his voice more serious than before, but still with a joking haze to it. "Oh really?" She inquired, her gaze steering clear of his, fearing what he would say next. "An old friend," Robb stated quietly, evidently thinking back to something.

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