The Black Heart of a Queen, Tied to The Black Roses ~Part 2~

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Rix and I were walking for a while until we started to approach the dark forest. I was mostly in awe at the scenery of wonderland, and every time it changed Rix would just say don't let its looks fool me and that wonderland can actually be very dangerous if you're not careful. I still did not yet understand her hatred of wonderland or more so her mother. She basically told me her mother was a greedy, selfish, self absorbed tyrant.  Her card servants and soldiers only respected her because they feared her, feared getting their heads chopped off. And also because of how hot headed her mother was as she described, her father barely had control of anything, he was like a walk in the park. Along the way she described her story of how she grew up, she was basically the black sheep in her family.

             She wanted nothing to do with family affairs and because of that, she was treated differently, as opposed to her older brother, Jack. Who has apparently done far worse than Rix ever could, and he seemed to never get caught or blamed. He was their golden boy.  She described him to be a rebel, she even thinks he was the one painting the roses red and doing who knows what just to get her in trouble. While she suffered the punishments her mom gave for whatever reason, even if whatever Rix did wasn't that bad, harmless even. Rix told me that the happiest day of her life was the day when Axel came and got her. But all that sounds like it could be a simple relationship between siblings....even though I don't have any.

            Celty was like a sister to me, even though I'll admit I had a bit of a crush on her older brother Cal, but it was just admiration at the most. But Celty and I bickered like sisters sometimes.  I wonder how they are....if they're alright? They may not have even survived. I felt kind of bad and I didn't. This was the first time after a couple months that I had even thought of them at all, but at the same time  they were the part of my old life that I put away.

             It was just a pastime now. They didn't matter anymore. I did have thoughts of finding them one day...but it didn't matter anymore...they didn't matter. I had a new life, new mind set, and new goals. By the time this was all over I would probably have new things to do anyway and would have forgotten them by then. But like I said they may have gotten their hearts taken, they may not even exist anymore anyway.

            "Her and her blah blah painting the red roses mess..." Rix continued on. "If you don't mind can we stop by and see The Chesire Cat, The Mad Hatter, and the hare first? I don't want to see my mother just yet."

            "Sure, I don't care," I shrugged.

            "Oh one more thing," Rix started. "You have to get Alice's heart, since she's a princess of heart and all. She's always around here somewhere, she's probably with The Hatter actually. "

            "Alright then, thank you for telling me."

            "Sure thing."

            As we walked through the dark forest we approached a wooden sign with arrows pointing in two different directions, the left and the right. It was standing at the base of tree. Both paths looked questionable. The sign looked pretty old and wore down, so wore down the writing on it was barely visible.

            "So, which way?" I asked Rix. By the time I had asked she had already started making movement toward the right path.

            "This way," she said. "That dreaded path leads  to my mother, the Hatter and Hare are this way."

            "Ahh, so back again I see? Oh we all have missed you Rix, mostly me. I've missed you the most."  A creepy but yet very cheery voice spoke out of thin air.

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