Chapter Twenty Two

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Abby's P.O.V

I gave up screaming a little while ago when my throat started getting dry. I don't know where I am now, I remember Parker knocking my out and carrying me out to his car. I'm not sure how long I've been down here, but from what I can tell I'm locked down in a cellar. It looks like the one Parker has in the cabin that his family owns but never visits.

It has to have been at least an hour now since I've woken up and Parker has yet to come down here. What if he starves me? What if he completely forgot I'm down here to begin with? But the worst thing about being down here all alone is that I can't help but think about Scott. I really wish I hadn't told him I was in love with Parker and then avoided him for this past month. I mean it wasn't' technnically my fault but I should've figured something was wrong when even my parents weren't acting comfortable around Parker.

I slowly stand up and look around the room to see if I can find something to use against Parker just in case he decides to make an appearance. But the only things I can make out in the darkness of the room are the barrels of beer.  

I jump a little bit when the lights in the room suddenly turn on. My eyes snap over to the stairs and I stare with wide eyes as I see a very disoriented Parker walking down the stairs. I watch as he stumbles a little bit and my heart quickens as soon as I realize what's wrong with him. He's drunk.

And a drunk Parker, is an angry Parker.


Scott's P.O.V

Where the hell is she?

I realize that she lives pretty far away from campus but she should've been here hours ago. Becca left my dorm a little while ago so now I'm just sitting on my bed staring aimlessly at the ceiling. What's my problem? On any other Friday night I would be out partying or something, but now all I can do is sit here and stare at the wall just because my roommate who doesn't even remember me, hasn't bothered to show up. This isn't the Scott Rogers everyone knows and loves.

I decide to get up and do something, I remember Becca mentioning something about her going out early. Maybe if I drop by her room I can catch her before she leaves. I quickly pull on a pair of pants and a button up shirt. I don't bother combing my hair before I run out the room, call my cocky but I know I look with my bed head.

When I reach her dorm room I hear music coming from inside. I try knocking a few times but the music is so loud that I can barely even hear myself knock. So I take the key that I know Becca leaves on top of their door for just in case they get locked out and I unlock the door before walking in. I'm about to call out Becca's name but I stop in my tracks when I see two figures laying in her bed.

Falon is the first to see me and he quickly pulls the covers over Becca. I could care less that they're naked right now, but Becca sleeping with Falon? Can this week get any worse? She knows how I'm still not on good terms with Falon.

I don't bother saying anything to them as I walk out. I hear Becca call my name as I leave but I ignore her. I pull out my phone and start walking aimlessly around campus. If I'm going to find Abby maybe I should start by calling her parents since she hasn't been answering her phone.

"Hello?" Anna says when she answers the phone.

"Where's Abby?" I immediately ask. Anna knows how I feel about Abby, well at least I think she knows. With as much as I talk about her she should know anyways.

"You mean she isn't back yet?" She asks sounding surprised. "Maybe she just got a late start or something."

"No she was supposed to be back hours ago," I say annoyed that even her own sister doesn't know where she is. Abby can't have just dissapeared.

"Well she stayed the night with Parker last night so maybe-"

"Why'd she stay the night with him?" I ask suddenly angry. "Something's off about that guy."

"Parker?" She asks laughing like what I just said was absolutely ridiculous. "He wouldn't hurt a fly. Especially not Abby."

"You sure?"

"Well yes," she says but then her voice changes into something I can't exactly decipher. "Unless he's drunk..."

"What's wrong with him when he's drunk?" I ask anxiously.

"You don't know why they broke up do you?" She asks sighing. "Parker has always been a rather...angry drunk. One night he got drunk and tried to have his way with her-"

"Abby is still a virgin?" I ask skeptically. They were together for a while, and to me it seems a guy like Parker could barely even wait a month.

"Yes," she says. "Anyhow when she shoved him away he got mad and punched the wall, guy nearly broke his hand. This guy I was dating and I heard the rucus and we ran in, he had to pull Parker off of Abby."

"So that's why they broke up," I say nodding. That makes sense now.

"That's not it," she says sounding exasperated. "Before he was dragged out of the room he yelled at Abby and told her that maybe if she didn't stutter as much she wouldn't be such a stiff-" I cringe when I hear her say that. I immediately visualize myself bashing his head with my fist. "-I think she understood that when he's drunk he gets angry, but I don't think she's ever forgiven him for what he said. It hurts when someone you love start saying the same things to you as  the people you hate."

After hearing Anna's story I tell her to meet me by the parking lot on campus and I start walking over towards my car.

I'm going to find Abby.


Short, bittersweet chapter. Next chapter will have more action packed, Scabby moments XD. Anyhow my basketball season is over and there's a snow storm outside and my snow day calculator says there's a 99% chance of no school tomorrow, so if there isn't I will most likely update again. I think my writer's block is finally gone to be honest. Song of the chapter off to the side---}}} Hope you all enjoyed this chapter, love you!!!





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